Have I Got Coups For You

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Gonhog » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:04 pm

Encanta Provincial Parliament Building, Annatown

The city of Annatown was bustling which Gonhogian activity, as troops began to build fortifications. With the mistakes of Summersea in mind, General Kris Herman spent much time in these defenses, planning them in one of the offices in the Parliament Building. The fortifications were set up on the roads from the south that came into the town, including the roads by the university and the Parliament Building. This would be the home to the bulk of the army. Checkpoints were set up on roads to the east to alert the main force if a force attempted to flank from the east, while the tank division was stationed in the National Park to the west.

The actual fortifications consisted of barbed wire fencing covered by slick steel plates on the sides, with holes for machine gun turrets placed every two feet or so, however this could be easily dealt with with some explosives or just one armored vehicle, so 100 feet behind, taking up the whole road were bunkers constructed out of HESCO bastions* and some sheets of metal, with several windows to shoot out of from the inside.

Driving around in his Jeep, Herman oversaw the construction of the these fortifications. Now, he thought to himself, they will stand firm.

Glorious Leader's Office, Jaken City

Glorious Leader stood overlooking Jaken City Square, watching the protests in the streets from his office, which were technically illegal. People were coming out in droves to protest the war in Lauchenoira, although the large numbers encouraged the more radical pro-democracy protestors to come out as well. Leader's brow furrowed. Ever since he came to power a decade ago, he was incredibly popular. Now, he sensed that he was losing his grip on the people.

Leader was just thinking this when he saw the protest swiftly turn violent as the protestors charged the riot police's shield wall, throwing rocks and attempting to hit the police with sticks and other blunt objects. Leader turned to the police chief who was standing to the left of him.

"Commence firing."

The police chief radioed the command to the police down below, and after around 30 seconds, the police fired. Most people began running, while some stayed and fought with renew vigor. Leader then turned to an advisor to his right.

"Get the Minister of Information. We're gonna have to make this a positive story quick."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:41 am

Litudinem, Libertas Omnium Maximus
July 30th - Midmorning

The bomb itself was rather small and unassuming. To the average human, it would just look like a piece of an electrical conduit. Granted, no one would see the foot long pipe as it was duck tapped to the driveshaft of a limousine. One singular bundle of wires protruded from its top and ran to the passenger door of the car.

President Lucas Lí¼tzen Brown knew nothing of this bomb as he exited the Grosseschnauzer Embassy. He had been in meetings regarding international safety for the past four hours and had completely dropped his guard as he approached his limo.

The driver of the limo, on the other hand, was antsy as could be. He had never met Brown before and was so anxious to make a good first impression that he opened the door to the limo well befor Brown made it to the curb. As he opened the door, he opened a circuit in the bombs trigger causing it to detonate. The poor driver was literally blown into pieces along with the 250,000 dollar car. President Lucas Brown, on the other hand, was merely launched backwards and knocked unconscious on the pavement. His threepeice suit was ruined, as was his car, and his head of security's reputation, but otherwise, he was alive, for now.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:30 am

Somewhere in between Libertas Omnium Maximus and Lauchenoiria
August 1st - 22:00

Vilav Trotsky has been driving down the Maximusian/Launcheniorian connecting highway for nearly 2 days now. The highway was eight lanes and was the only road traveling from Libertas Omnium Maximus to Lauchenoiria through uncharted IDU land. The road had been well maintained until one month prior when a section of the road was deliberately destroyed by Lauchenoirian forces.

Now, nearly all of the way to the destroyed section, Trotsky pulled his sedan off of the road and climbed out. The Kerrilians had promised him that if he could get to Lauchenoiria, he would be granted asylum. Trotsky slowly walked along the road for about 1/2 mike untill he came to a roadblock. About 100 meters in front of him sat two, large, armored vehicles. Surrounding them were a half dozen armed guards, a few sandbags, a card table, and some sort of turret, pointed two the west. That meant that these were Lauchenoirian troops. Trotsky was saved, for the time being. A sense of peace washed over him as he slowly approached the blockade.

"Hark! I am the man who topples mountains. I am the man who topples a king! I am the man who topples mountains! And no one suspects a thing!" Trotsky cried out jubilantly. He had had been told to quote the Iustitian poet, Thodarcia Viclecian's most famous poem, Tí¸n ví¦g MiÅ„ol.

"Yes, indeed," cried a man, from the blockade, "Welcome to Lauchnoiria!"

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:48 pm

Liaville, Aeluria

Alyssa Robinson stood in a queue waiting for her food rations. On the one hand, she was glad her position had not entitled her to special favours, it showed there was still a modicum of integrity in the Aelurian government. On the other hand, she really wished her position had entitled her to special favours.

She was nervous, being one of the few people in the queue who actually had a good idea of just how much trouble they were in. Someone in front of her lit up a cigarette.

"Excuse me, could you put that out, sir?" she asked.

"No lo haré. Tengo derecho a hacer lo que me plazca.

The man pointedly blew his smoke in her face. Angered, she snatched the thing out of his hand and stomped on it.

"¡Puta!" he spat, the Spanish swear word echoing along the queue.

"Might be a bitch, but at least I don't blow toxic fumes in other people's faces. Not like you'll be able to do it much longer, not enough of that stuff left. If you liked that kind of thing so much, maybe you should've emigrated."

"Wish I had done so," the man sneered in accented English. Suddenly a noise at the front of the queue grabbed both their attention as a man's voice rose above the crowd.

"...unacceptable! This is our country, you have no right to tell us what to do!"

A man who appeared to be acting as a translator muttered something to the Kivasekian guard at the front of the queue. The guard responded, his voice authoritative but not reaching the volume of the angry man.

"We are very sorry, but unfortunately supplies of cocoa are running low, and as such we have had to cut the rations," the translator interpreted.

"Bull! They," the angry man jabbed his finger at the Kivasekian, "are stealing OUR food while WE starve!"

Some people in the crowd murmured in agreement.

"¡Sí­!" exclaimed the smoking man in front of Alyssa. "¡Toma lo que puedas, Aeluria es para Aelurians!

The smoking man and the angry guy suddenly charged the supply depot, with a sizeable portion of the crowd following them. Alyssa's heart rate increased and she fumbled to call the office and alert them, dropping her phone in the excitement. As she bent down to pick it up, a series of gunshots went off. She jumped, and staying crouched down looked in the direction of the depot.

The crowd were starting to run away as the Kivasekian guard had fired warning shots in the air. She moved quickly and took cover behind a tree as the fleeing crowd passed her. She glanced back once most of the people had gone, to see the Kivasekians arresting the smoking man and the angry guy, who were both face down on the ground.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Laeral » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:13 am

"You have any news for me about Lauchenoiria?" President Brennan asked. He was at a working lunch in Republic House with his Defense Minister, Laurence Chang.

"Our advance has slowed in the past few days," Chang said. "The junta is putting up a better fight than we were anticipating, and we need time for our supply lines to catch up with us. So we've called a halt in most sectors of the line while we get our logistics sorted out. Oh, and we are advancing slowly through Ulinaria province, linking up with resistance forces there."

"What's the main issue involving the supply lines?" Brennan asked, while cutting the maple-glazed fish, resting on a bed of rice, with his knife.

"Coordination is the big one," Chang replied, sipping from his glass of wine. "Remember, we're fighting in a country where much of the populace doesn't speak our languages. We're having to coordinate with the Skodenians, Libertans, and Slokaisians just in order to get bullets and food coming to our front-line combatants, not to mention any number of Lauchenoirian resistance fighters and civilians."

"And what are you doing about this?" Brennan asked coolly, spearing a piece of salmon and putting it in his mouth.

"Most of the logistical work is being done by the Skodenians and Slokaisians at this point," Chang said. "There's insurgents trying to target our supplies, so they're using up a good deal of manpower protecting them. Still, their respective military liaisons have reassured me that the supplies we need will get through."

"Mm-hmm. Marie-Claire tells me that she is having trouble getting our fellow Coalition troops to fight on the front lines. Aertemedia, for one, doesn't seem terribly eager to contribute combat troops," Brennan noted.

"We're working on it," Chang said. "And honestly, doesn't she have enough to do with the riots and all going on around the IDU?"

Brennan sipped from his own glass of wine, nodding. "Riots in Gonhog, an assassination attempt in Libertas Omnium Maximus..."

"Any hints that the attempt on President Brown's life are like the one on yours back in June? Henderson Long, was that his name?"

"I don't know the details," Brennan said. "In Brown's case, his driver was killed, but I've heard he's unharmed. They still haven't caught the would-be assassin."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:08 am

Litudinem, Libertas Omnium Maximus

August 2nd - Evening

After a brief trip to the ER, President Lucas Brown was back to work, he had sustained only a mild concussion. He was sitting in his favorite leather armchair, resting, when Arthur Wallace, the CO of Maximusian forces in Lauchenoria and Defense Secretary of LOM, entered his spacious office.

"You better have good news!" Brown exclaimed upon Wallace's entrance. By the look on Wallace's face, the news wasn't good.

"We honestly have no leads on your would-be assasin is. Based on surveillance footage we are fairly sure that he is the same man who slipped past us at a motel a few days ago. The same man we believe is linked to the car bombings back in September. Other than that, we know nothing about him. We have a face but not a name. No next of kin. No contacts. No bank accounts. The man has either been living under a rock his whole life, or is one hell of an assassin. We assume he is associated with the communist extremists who tried to stage a coup d'etat against our nation in September but we can't be sure."

"Wonderfull," President Brown began, "I hope to the lord that you have better news regarding the situatiuon in Lauchenoria. Please tell me that we have made some ground."

"Not really, thouse Gonhog bastards are hunkered down in Annatown. No chance of us taking the city with all of them shooting at us."

"How many are there?" Brown inquired.

"At minimum... 9,000. We have mixed reports ranging from 3,400 to 15,000. The credible ones say 9,000+." We were planing on sending in another legion of soldiers by the 10th. that would bring Coalition forces well past 30,000 a force to be reckoned with, but I honestly don't belive Congress will grant us permission, apparently, "we are over extending ourselves as is." I am sorry. This is going to be a longer fight than we thought."

President Brown paused a moment before speaking. "Alright, just get every man we have on finding this would-be assassin and I will be somewhat satisfied."

"Yes, sir!" came the response as Wallace exited the room.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:01 pm

Shopping District, Yerville

Jae Chung shielded her eyes from the sun as she wandered through Yerville's shopping centre. Half the stores were closed, their owners and staff standing in the endless evacuation queues at Yerville Cross Station. She entered a store, picked up a dress and held it in front of her in the mirror.

It occurred to her that she hadn't been looking in many mirrors lately. She couldn't imagine herself in the dress she held up. She'd positioned her hair to hide a scar she hadn't had at the start of the year, and though she'd washed before coming here she still felt a little too dirty to be in such a high-end store.

She shook her head and picked another dress off the rail, then walked in a manner she hoped was graceful to the fitting rooms. The shop assistant handed her a glittery "˜2' and she passed through into the rooms, pulling the door on cubicle four shut behind her.

"Took you long enough," the figure said, accusingly.

"Well, I would have been here faster if I had a better fake ID. Minimising checkpoints means taking the long way around," Jae flicked at the false ID card she had pinned to her belt.

"Can't believe they're making people walk around with their ID clipped to their clothes," the figure said.

"It's only in areas with a high risk of confl..." Jae trailed off as the figure stared accusingly at her.

"Don't spout their propaganda, little sister," her older brother said, grinning.

"Do you have a way for me to get to Usera?" she asked. He plucked the ID card off her waist.

"Seo-Yun Yi, born 1989. Tut, tut! Where were you hiding this all these years?"

Jae, who was born in 1993, snatched the card back off him.

"What I did in my youth is none of your business Ji-Hun Chung. We can discuss my underage drinking when we're not about to die."

"If they're going to nuke anywhere it will be Usera. You sure you want to go there?"

"They're not going to "˜nuke anywhere'. Don't be absurd. And if you had any clue..."

"I can get you to Usera, but..."

"But what?"

"I wanted to keep you out of this, little sister. Once you've seen these people, well, they're not likely to forget."

"You criticise me for underage drinking but you've been dealing drugs since before I got this thing," Jae accused, clipping the false ID back on.

"You want into Usera or not?"

"I do."

"And you know the risks?"

"Your... associates are quite low on the list of "˜risks' with what I'm doing now. More worried about the government," she shrugged.

"Father would kill me if he knew we were doing this."

"Father would be the first one up to fight against this government. And what have you been doing? Getting people addicted to bad stuff, same as ever."

"Hey, we've also been providing food to the Resistance," Ji-Hun protested.

"Just tell me the plan!"

"Fine, okay!"

Pro-Resistance Broadcast

"Good afternoon, Lauchenoiria! My name is Alex Marwick and I am joining you from an unspecified and rather wet location. Forgive the sound of rain in the background, running out of sheltered locations to run to.

So, we are at a crossroads. Someone once told me good guys can't win wars. That it's up to bad guys to defeat even worse guys so the good guys can get on with fixing what the war destroyed. That if someone is truly "˜good' then they won't be able to do what is necessary to achieve victory.

Maybe in traditional war, that's true. In which case, I hope the even worse guys are defeated soon. But there's two layers to this "“ what happens on the battlefield and what happens in the general population. Supporters of Chaher's coup still exist all across the country, along with the armies of the apathetic.

And if we can convince his old supporters they're on the wrong side? If we can convince those who don't care to start acting? Then the Junta doesn't stand a chance."

Liaville, Aeluria

"We're out," Alyssa Robinson stated, sounding rather more pleased than one ought to be in this kind of situation.

"We ought to think up some kind of solution before half the island is going through nicotine withdrawal," Keitha Noguera replied.

"That ship has sailed, First Minister," came a voice from the doorway. Inside stood Noguera's Minister for Culture, Giva Desh. Behind her stood the rest of Noguera's cabinet.

"I don't believe I asked for your opinion, Ms Desh," Noguera said, her voice sharp.

"You haven't asked our opinions in quite a while, First Minister," Nazario Mací­as, her Minister for Education piped up. The hairs on the back of Noguera's neck began to stand on end. She knew this kind of situation. It was the kind of situation that could easily boil over to the overthrow of a leader. It was the kind of situation Chaher had taken advantage of, the kind she'd helped him with. She didn't much like it from the other side.

"Perhaps we are long overdue a Cabinet meeting," she said, keeping her voice calm and slow to try and defuse the situation.

"'Perhaps'?" queried Giva Desh.

"If you would like, we could meet now to discuss the... situation?" she said, gesturing towards the cabinet room and trying to steady her hand.

"Good idea," Mací­as replied, gliding into the room. The rest of the assembled group trailed after him.

"I will join you shortly," Noguera said, nodding her head to them and entered a nearby bathroom. She shook as she looked in the mirror. She'd been foolish to support Chaher in the first place, of course. He hadn't held up his end of the bargain for longer than a day. And his death had done nothing to change their situation.

She took a deep breath, preparing herself for the meeting. She could see the unrest growing on the island. A miniature version of the situation Chaher and she had taken advantage of, but now all turned against her. When the tension broke, she would be the number one target. Unless she could find some way to diffuse this tension, her cabinet ousting her would be the least of her worries.

Kerlian-held territory, Sothern Yervia

Camino Arreola threw up again. He'd clearly caught something, and his wound looked like it might be infected. The Kerlian guard who he'd tried to tell had done nothing but slap him for "˜making eye contact'. Apparently, men were not permitted to do so. Or perhaps it was only considered rude. Kerlian culture was not his strong point.

The vomit was rather watery, though given how little food they were given he wasn't surprised. He hoped it was just the heat. This part of Yervia had a climate closer to Annatown than his hometown of Usera.

"You," a female voice said above him, and two Kerlians dragged him from lying on the ground until he knelt in front of the woman who spoke.

"What about me?" he managed to say, pointedly making eye contact. She bent down until she was at eye level with him, never breaking contact. And then spat in his face.

"Bring him," she ordered the guards, and they began to drag him out of the barn. He blinked, trying to get the disgusting saliva off his face, but they held his arms out of reach. He was pulled up into a vehicle and his stomach lurched again. He threw up on one of the guard's shoes.

She hit him so hard he blacked out.

Ulinarian Parliament, Elopolis

"Laura!" called Victoria Juárez, embracing the exhausted former Prime Minister. Laura Moore clung to Juárez, almost falling over. "Um, here, have a seat," Juárez offered, half placing Moore on the sofa in her office.

"Hi Victoria," Moore mumbled and promptly fell asleep.


Four hours later, Laura Moore woke up and jumped up at the unfamiliar surroundings. At her desk, Juárez also jumped in response.

"Enjoy your nap?" Juárez asked.

"I don't even remember getting into the city," Moore confessed.

"Yeah, couple of my guys found you asleep near the boundary," Juárez said.

"Good to see you, though," Moore said and the two old friends hugged once more. Juárez sat down next to Moore.

"Been a long time since we were roommates at university," Juárez said.

"A different life," Moore replied. "A better one."

"I thought you were dead. The whole country thought you were dead, I think, when Sonja started broadcasting stuff without you."

"I had to get my children to safety, after Walker shot Chaher."

"That was a month ago, Laura," Juárez said gently.

"Right, good one."

"I'm not joking."

"Seriously? God, I've lost track of time. What is it, mid-July?"

"It's the 3rd of August."

"Yeah, I think I need a longer sleep."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Laeral » Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:23 am

A pair of Kerlian soldiers opened the door to the barn, dragging the Lauchenoirian teenager Daniel Serrano with them. They shoved him through, and he stumbled inside. The Laeralian and Resistance POWs inside caught him, and lowered him gently to the straw-covered ground.

"I didn't tell them anything," Daniel said, smiling despite the bruises on his face and arms. "Nothing at all."

"Good man," the de facto leader of the prisoners, Lieutenant Maxime 'Max' Bao, said. The others, including Matéo Labat, of the Laeralian Bureau of External Action, said.

"You," one of the Kerlians said, reading off a clipboard in her hand. She pointed to Matéo.

"Me?" Matéo said innocently.

"Yes, you." The Kerlian guard said. "Now be quick about it!" She patted the pistol on her hip. Matéo rose and walked towards her. Remember your cover, he thought. The guards led him out of the barn, locking the door behind them, and into the sunlight outside. He blinked. They marched him to what looked as if it had been a farmhouse. There were military tents in orderly rows outside, as well as parked military vehicles. Ranks of Kerlian soldiers marched around the dirt paths. The Kerlians led him into the farmhouse, which looked as if it had been taken over by the Kerlian officers. They marched him downstairs to what must have been a basement, and Matéo tried to avoid remembering that Kerlile had not, in fact, signed the World Assembly's Prisoners of War Accord.

Downstairs, there was a single table, two chairs, and a small electrical lamp. Sitting on the other side of the table was a woman in Kerlian military uniform, but curiously devoid of any insignia. "What is your name and hometown?" she asked.

"Anthony Powell, from Buttercity," he replied. It was one of his backup false identities, that of a Lauchenoirian day laborer.

"Really?' she replied. "Than I'm Charissa Clarke. Hit him." The soldier holding Matéo's left arm slapped him hard across the face, leaving it stinging.

"My name is Anthony Powell!" Matéo replied frantically. "I'm a Lauchenoirian citizen!"

"That's interesting," she said. "Because Anthony Powell likely never existed, and you are most definitely not who you say you are." She looked towards a large tub of water sitting on the floor. Matéo's heart sank.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Kvask » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:09 pm

Liaville, Aeluria

Sebastian looked around worryingly as he stood guard at the distribution centre, often called "The Vault" by citizens of the Island. The air on the scene was uneasy with the disturbance just a few days before. The soldier that fired had been reprimanded and sent to two weeks trench duty whilst the apprehended disruptors were set offshore to isolate them from drumming up trouble and anti-Kivasekian sentiment. Standing nearest to the soldier handing out the rations, Sebastian eyed the people with intense focus, making sure nothing would slip though the cracks of safety measures. A younger soldier, Henrik, stood on the other side of the line, giving a larger cone of vision to the Vault's personnel. Whilst chewing on a piece of wax gum (chicle gum had run out a day ago), Sebastian could hear people from the line speak English words, some of which he picked up from living on the island; "Kivasekians", "bastards", "rations", and "children".

A woman at the front of the line began yelling in confused rage as she was handed her rations. Although unable to fully understand her, Sebastian could see she was upset with the small amount of sugar allotted to each person. From what he gathered from her ramblings and the tears on her face, she was with a family of her parents, her husband, her kids, and her husband's parents. The distributor, visibly torn by the story and the woman's reaction, cursed under his breath and gave her an extra portion, hoping to help out more.

Upon leaving the line, Sebastian saw her move towards a circle of men and give the extra portion of rations to them in exchange for money, prompting him to go over and grab her by the arm, "What you doing?! Selling family food for monies?"

"Let go asshole!" The woman was scared by the much taller, although lanky, man grabbing her, prompting her to shout for help to the crowd.

The line, turning to the scene, started moving to Sebastian and pushing him off of her and taking her behind them whilst he tried to reason, "No, she criminal! Give food for monies!" Unfortunately, she was too far gone and Sebastian was now being pushed back and surrounded by angry, nicotine-deprived civilians yelling in a language he did not understand.

Henrik, seeing the situation turn, rushed over to the encirclement and tried to break the circle to rescue Sebastian, "Move! Step far from him!"

However, the circle had grown large, and Sebastian, leaving his rifle inside the Vault, was left unarmed, "Please, move to line!"

An older bald man pushed Sebastian to the ground, much to the cheering of the crowd before they started to hit him, getting their frustration out.

Henrik reacted erratically to Sebastian being swallowed by the crowd and shouted in Kivasyan to disperse the mob as Sebastian "had potentially become a casualty".

Two other armed Kivasekians, also witnessing the assault of Sebastian, rushed over and, with much hesitation and on verbal warning, aimed their guns at the crowd.

With no response and no sign of retreat from the people, Henrik shouted, "Fire!", prompting the air to break with the sound of gunfire from the soldier's weapons; one submachine gun and two battle rifles.

People screamed as they were hit with the rounds, deafened by the supersonic bangs, or witnessed those hit by the bullets, "Murderers! Run!"

Sebastian hid his head under his arms as people ran away, his nose bloodied and ribs bruised form the assault and subsequent trampling. Henrik and the two others stopped firing as the scene ended, leaving Sebastian and 4 others injured, and 1 person, Javier Treiboz, dead on the scene.

Getting pulled up by Henrik, Sebastian groaned in intense pain as he was carried away from the blood pools forming by those hit by the bullets.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Sun Aug 05, 2018 5:33 pm

A Manor House outside of Elopolis: Temporary Coalition Head Quarters
August 4th - 16:00

8 men and two women were assembled in the dining room of a manor house five miles outside of Elopolis. The Manor, do to its strategic location on a hill, was being used as the temporary headquarters of the Coalition. At the dining table sat Corporal Baker, next to him, two hig ranking Skodanian officers, on the other side sat a Slokasian General and next two him sat two Larelites, one man, one woman. At the head of the table Patrice Lemircier, and guarding the door to the living room two Maximusian Soldiers, one Male, one female.

"The truth is," Lemircier began, "Progress has slowed. The promised Aertemedian troops have not yet materialized. The Ulinaria Province is proving herder to secure than we anticipated. There are Lauchenoirian holdouts all over the place. My men are constantly being ambushed by guerrilla troops, hiding in barns and houses. I am sure all of your troops are facing the same fate. In addition, it appears that the remaining Gonhog forces, 8,000 at least, are holed up in Annatown. The way I see it, we have 20,000 or so total Coalition troops in Lauchenoiria. 1,000 Maximusians are still tied down back in Carvile and that general area, Baker can explain why in detail later. That means 19,000 scattered all over the province. If need be, we could pull them together to capture a strategic target like Annatown. However, I would highly discourage this as it may allow Lauchenoirian troops to retake some unoccupied areas, likely resulting in a higher death toll, not to mention more crap we have to deal with. I called you hear today to discuss what our next course of action should be."

A silence filled the room. Everyone, guards included, were locked in a contemplative state until a Skodanian officer spoke up.

"Now, let's just say, for the sake of assessing every option, we continue north and don't bother ourselves with Annatown. Just keep working our way up, gradualy taking the towns and citie as we go. If we take more than 60% of the country, something's gotta give."

"I agree," piped up Baker, who's arm was still in a sling from an injury he received during the battle of Carville, "At least, I agree with the 60% part. However, I don't want our troops getting spread so thin. We would have them in three seperate provinces. The death toll would very likely be exponentially higher."

The room exuded an aura of darkness. Things began to look bleak.

"Shoot!," Exlaimed the Slokasian Officer, suddenly, "I've got it, suppose we move our troops eastward, yes, that does push us away from the coastline, but it keeps are soldiers still relatively concentrated in a large blob, as unposed to a thin line. We can go south of Annatown, hopefully avoid any major confrontations, and seize the entire southern portion of Lauchenoiria. We can periodically drop a thousand troops or so to seize any small towns or pockets of Lauchenoirian holdouts. Once we have the whole souther section. Lauchenoiria must fall."

The COs in the room voiced agreement at once, their forces would still be spread thin. But not as thin. The entire plan however, rested on Gonhog remaining holed up in Annatown and not moving any troops south. It was a risk, but one the Coalition forces had to take. They would move East, further from the relative safety of the coastline, and into the heart of southern Lauchenoiria.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:55 pm

State-owned Lauchenoirian News Service Broadcast

"... but for now, enemy forces continue to terrorise Lauchenoirian citizens in Ulinaria province. In other news, the body of former Foreign Secretary Rowan Martin, who has been missing since mid-June, was found in the Fleurian Forest. So-called "˜Resistance' terrorists are suspected to have been behind his death."

Chaher Residence, Outskirts of Buttercity

Yousef Chaher stuck a piece of electrical tape over the camera on his laptop, and logged onto his university email account. After several hours, he finally sent the message he was so nervous about writing.

From: ChaherY23@carville.edu.lau
To: JonesW115@carville.edu.lau
Subject: If you do this, I'll wash your dishes for a year

Hey Will,

Sorry I haven't been in touch. Things have been rather hectic here. I hope you're well and when they finally get around to exams after all the delays due to, well, foreign invasions, you get top marks.

So, as a biochemistry student, I'm hoping you can help me out with something. I have a blood sample from someone who supposedly died due to surgery complications. I need you to check if that's true "“ that the person in question wasn't poisoned or something. If you're willing to do it, I'll find some way to send you the sample.



Kerlian Temporary Headquarters

Colonel Chloe Conde shut the door to her office as someone screamed and yelled something in Spanish in their secondary interrogation venue. She clasped her hands together and turned to face the other senior officers.

"Sonja Viratnen has been allowed to play her little democratic games for far too long. The Coalition appear to be headed south, and we can let the Gonhogians deal with them. But I have been contacted by the Council..." Conde paused as a murmur of awe and alarm passed through the room, "...and they want Viratnen in Kerlile as soon as possible."

"Forgive me, but I wouldn't trust those apes..."

"Gonhogians, Corbett. We do not refer to our allies as animals."

"Gonhogians, apologies. I wouldn't trust them with keeping the Coalition in check," Corbett finished.

"This is not about the Gonhogians. This is about Kerlile. Viratnen must be returned home. The Resistance has advanced out of the city, but with our reinforcements it will be quick work to push them back. Once we have Usera, believe me, this country will fall."


"Can't be done," the man shrugged.

"Ji-Hun promised me you could find safe passage for me to Usera," said Jae.

"Ji-Hun promises a lot of things to a lot of people. I tell you, the Kerlians have cut off our access to the city entirely. Two days earlier, yes, today, no. You want to join the Resistance, go to Elopolis."

"I have a very important message for Sonja Alvarez. It could..."

"End the war, yeah, yeah. Your brother told me. You want to give your message to someone high up? Word on the grapevine is Laura Moore is in Elopolis."

"Laura Moore's dead. Vanished after Walker shot Chaher, along with her kids. Regime threw them all off a cliff, last I heard."

"Not what I hear. You shouldn't be listening to their propaganda. Either way, you're not getting to Usera. Go to Elopolis or give up. Only options left."

Jae Chung raised her finger in a rude gesture at her brother's associate and stormed back off down the way she came. If Moore was alive and in Elopolis, then Jae could finally finish her mission and give the USB to someone who might know what to do with it. If not... then she'd simply have to find a way to Usera.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

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Encanta Provincial Parliament Building, Annatown, 0800 Hours

"We have reports that the Coalition has halted their progress north and have instead moved south to secure the Ecantan province. There are also reports that the Resistance has pushed out of Usera."

General Herman nodded. He and his war council were in one of the Parliament Building's office, discussing the recent reports that had just come in on Coalition forces moving south.

"What do you guys think we should do?"

Colonel Mayer of the 73 Armored Division spoke first.

"Well, as I see it, the Coaltion will be avoiding us for now. That gives us time to do something."

The officers nodded in agreement, before Colonel Hart of the 5th Infantry chimed in.

"We should send reinforcements to the 7th by Usera, beat back the Resistance, and then focus all of our troops on the southern line."

Herman strokes his chin thoughtfully before turning to Mayer.

"Colonel, do you think you could get your tank division to the 7th quickly?"

Mayer nodded.

"Can get them their in two days, day and a half if we move fast."

"Good man. Hart, I'm leaving you with your troops here. Manage public order and radio if the Coalition decides to make a move," turning to Mayer, he continued, "Have your men to move out at 1200 hours."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

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Resistance HQ, Usera

"The Kerlians have forced us back. They're fighting with a lot more vigour than we anticipated. We still have some of the territory we gained during the initial assault, but we're losing ground with every hour. We need reinforcements," Ramiro Soto reported.

"Fat chance of that," Sonja sighed. "The Coalition are moving south and leaving us to it. It's not what I'd do, but... this has escalated out of control. And the longer this war goes on, the more support we're losing. A lot of people would rather live under a dictator than in a war zone."

"That's not what I see," interjected Leonie. "I've been watching all the social media now that we've got around the government blocks, and everyone seems to want Charissa Clarke's head now that Chaher's dead."

"Social media is not the most reliable source. Especially given that those who support the regime are far less likely to circumvent the government blocking," Sonja pointed out.

"I had an old woman grab my arm on the street and yell at me for tearing apart her city the other day," Josephine added.

"Okay, but what about..." Leonie began but was interrupted when the door opened and a frantic Oliver ran inside panting. He failed to speak but only pointed, shaking his head frantically and trying to pull Sonja outside to look at something.

The group all followed Oliver out of the room. He ran up the stairs to the top floor and pointed out the window. Soto, the fittest of the group, reached the top first.

"I don't see anything," he frowned and turned to Oliver.

"Look... harder... in... distance... here..." he panted and handed Soto a pair of binoculars. Soto looked back out of the window and swore. Sonja grabbed the binoculars off him and glanced into the distance.

"Oh hell..." she muttered. As far as the horizon, she could see Resistance troops being pushed back and fired upon by Kerlian soldiers. They would be at the city soon.

Outskirts of Usera, five hours later

Colonel Chloe Conde stood watching Usera with her back to the sunset. The Lauchenoirians and Gonhogians were off trying to round up the remaining Resistance elements in the province, while her Kerlians surrounded the city.

She focused her eyes on one of their makeshift watchtowers on the edge of what was once the suburbs. They were now surrounded by the kind of makeshift barricade any teenager with a chemistry set could destroy in seconds. Where the suburbs had once faded off into fields, there now stood a distinct boundary.

"Do not let a single person out of that boundary. Surround the city, on all sides. Nobody leaves, not even a dog. Anyone tries to exit you apprehend them. If they resist, shoot them. We attack at dawn," Conde ordered the assembled squad leaders. They saluted and marched off. She turned to walk back to one of their command tents.

"Morgan!" she said as she entered. The woman who had been hunched over a laptop jumped and almost dropped it in her rush to stand to attention. "I want to know Sonja Viratnen's precise location when we attack."

"She is still in the school building they are using as headquarters," the drone operator responded, glancing every second at the laptop as if it would vanish if she didn't.

"We can't guarantee she'll stay there. I want you watching her very closely overnight," Conde instructed.

"But every time we get closer..."

"... they shoot down our drone. I am aware of your excuses. I don't want excuses, I want results. When we take that city, I want Sonja Viratnen alive and in my custody. If she escapes, I will hold you personally responsible."

Morgan swallowed hard as Conde held eye contact. Both women knew exactly what Conde meant by that statement. Morgan mentally began planning how she'd run if Sonja escaped. But she, better than anyone, knew she wouldn't get far. She shivered. Conde spun around and exited.

Aeluria, night

Carlito Mores, Fergie Douglas and Frederic Cloutier were very careful not to be spotted by the Kivasekian guards as they snuck down to the coast.

"Hurry," whispered Fergie as Carlito fumbled with the keys to the boathouse.

"I can't find the right one," he replied. Exasperated, Fergie snatched the bundle and immediately found the correct key.

"Keep lookout... um... regardez or something?" she whispered to Frederic who nodded. Carlito and Fergie entered the small shed and began to drag out Carlito's father's rowing boat.

"You need to make so much noise?" came Frederic's voice from outside.

"You want silence or you want speed?" hissed Fergie in response.


She snarled slightly as the eventually got the boat out of the shed and onto the beach. The trio paused for a moment and kept watch on the forest behind them. Nobody came. Carlito lifted the bags the three of them had packed onto the boat and then with Fergie dragged it down into the water.

The three clambered inside the boat.

"Next stop, Laeral. Don't worry, you'll be home soon," Carlito assured Frederic. He looked rather sceptical. "Wait, Fergie, what are you doing with that?"

The young girl looked up from where she had been sitting loading a gun.

"Just in case," she said.

"Where did you get it?"

"Can't tell you that."

"Could be we should go," Frederic interrupted.

Fergie picked up the gun.

"One rows, one guards, one sleeps," she said, more in the style of an order than a suggestion. Frederic picked up the oars. Carlito turned away from Fergie and the offending object.

"Wake me up if you reach the blockade," he muttered.


From: William Jones
To: Yousef Chaher
Subject: Re:If you do this, I'll wash your dishes for a year


What happened to "˜keep me out of your family's political stuff'? I think I was pretty clear. You know fine well your email was intercepted, and I don't appreciate you involving me in this stuff. It'll take a lot more than free dish washing to make up for it.

That said, I'll do it. But if someone, regardless of which side they're on, comes knocking on my door demanding I stop, or hand over the results, I'm doing it. You're my friend but I'm not dying for you. Sorry.

If you can find some way to send the sample, go ahead. But this city is surrounded by armies shooting at each other, and nobody's delivering the post. So good luck with that.


PS: you left a bunch of your laundry in the machine when you ran off, I've dumped it on your bed. Incidentally, if I do this, you're doing my laundry, dishes, and any other household chores I can think of. For TWO years.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Slokais » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:39 am

General John Acura Jr looked at the map of Ecanta Provence. He Heard a Knock at his door "Come In" He Said. A Officer entered the Room "the Attack on Stratsbrug has began" he said "Good" said the General

Statsbrug,Ecanta Provence

Pravate Daniel Branch
Exchanged Fire with the Gonhog Solders. He was used to taking out small resistance not capturing a Town but so far he thought he was doing well. They had the remaining Gonhog Solders trapped inside a Courthouse as his Division attacked the courthouse from all sides. Finally his Squad had a opening as they forced there way in the courtroom. A few minutes later it was over and he asked around about the casualties he finally got a Full number 123 Deaths. All Gonhog Forces had moved back northward to Annatown and the Conlation gained a Foothold in Ecanta Provence

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Laeral » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:47 am

Legislature Hall

Tanvi Misra, Prime Minister of Laeral, shook hands in farewell with the influential Representative she was talking to, and walked out of the Prime Minister's office. "Hold my calls, Nathalie," she said without looking on the way out. The Cabinet was holding a meeting over at Republic House in half an hour to discuss the war in Lauchenoiria, and she fully intended to be there. As she walked through the carpeted hallways of Republic House, security a respectful distance behind her, a journalist passed her in the opposite direction, and did an abrupt about-face. "Madam Prime Minister, what are your thoughts on Hsieh Pai-han's..."

She passed her and kept walking. The side entrance of Legislature Hall was only a few feet away, and her car would be waiting there. When she pushed aside the doors and stepped out into the cloudy day, there was a crowd of people waiting there for her. "Out of Lauchenoiria!" they chanted. "No more deaths on foreign soil!" She paused for a moment, caught by surprise. Cameras from within the crowd clicked, while the protesters kept chanting and waving signs. "Out of Lauchenoiria! How many more Laeralites will die there?" She hurried down to the waiting limousine, where a member of her security detail was holding the door open. She ducked inside and the limousine sped off, protesters yelling at the car as it passed.

Southeastern Yervia Province
"En avant, Laeraliens!" someone called from behind Brandon Lau. In his distracted state, it took Brandon a second to mentally translate it and echo the call. "En avant!" He was sheltering behind a tree, and the rest of his men were scattered around him. The Kerlians were dug in uphill, and didn't seem eager to let the LNSF men and women take the ridgetop. Brandon ducked out from behind the tree, firing at the Kerlians on the hilltop with his rifle. He ducked back behind it. Around him, his men were doing the same thing.
"I count 30 or 40 of them up there!" a woman from one of the other squads called. "Dug in like fleas in a stray dog's back!" From behind another tree, one of the LNSF soldiers screamed, glancing down at the bloody hole that had suddenly appeared in his side.
That's not as many as I'd expected, Brandon thought. The force of Laeralites numbered around 60, although that number was decreasing by the minute. As bullets flew around him, he glanced around at the other LNSF soldiers, huddled singly or in pairs behind the large trees. There! He spied a woman with the stripes of an LNSF Sergeant. "Hey, you!" he called. "Advance by squads?"
She turned, saying something that Brandon couldn't make out and cupping a hand to her ear. Brandon looked down at the white Minjian armband he was wearing (美德, virtue) and ran out into the open from his tree, stumbling into the cover where the other sergeant was.
"We'll advance by squads," he called. "Mine first, yours second. Understand?"
She nodded. "Alright," she said, eyeing his armband. "I'm not a believer, but you'd better trust in those gods of yours. This won't be easy."
"We're soldiers," Brandon replied. "When has our job ever been anything near easy?"

Some time later, Brandon Lau stood atop the ridge with the squads of Laeralites. Their advance had been difficult and bloody, but the Coalition now held the ridge. The sergeant he'd talked to earlier came up beside him. "7 dead," she said, "two of them in my squad, and a good deal more wounded."
Brandon nodded. There wasn't much he could say to respond to that. The two of them stood together, weary but unharmed, looking out into the land beyond.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

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Department of Internal Security, Litudinem
August 6th - Midday

David Van Jí¸nes had spent the last six hours sifting through mountains of footage from the scene of the attack on President Luke Brown's life. Unfortunately, his triumphs had been fruitless. Nothing whatsoever that was the slightest bit suspiciouse had emerged. That was the upsetting part. Nothing. It was if the car had just exploded. Sure a few pieces of PVC shrapnel were recovered, along with some generic electrical wire, however, none of this was traceable. There were hundreds of hardware stores in the area. Besides, there was no telling how old the wire was, it could have been purchased years ago and just sat bin a closet somewhere. The bottom line was; he was getting nowhere. Just before his lunch break, Jí¸nes realized something. This bombing was extremely similar to the assassination of the VP in September. As it were, that subject is still at large and recently escaped detainment. This got Jí¸nes thinking. He quickly swirled his chair from a desktop to another monitor. He opened the Augustine PD's body came files, located the night he was looking for and pressed: Play all from Start.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Gonhog » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:07 pm

20 Miles outside of Usera, 0800 Hours

General Herman was in his Jeep driving alongside his marching men when the radio call came in.

"This is 050101, does General Kris Herman read?"

Herman picked up the mouth piece to the radio.


"Slokaisian and other Coalition forces have made advances to the heart of the of the Encantan province. Colonel Hart requests that General Herman's force return to Annatown."

"Copy that, let Colonel Hart know that we will be there at 1300 hours tomorrow."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:30 pm

Elopolis, Ulinaria, Lauchenoiria

Laura Moore had woken that morning with a deep sense of foreboding. She hoped it was only due to her having slept for far longer than she intended; it had been a month since she'd slept in a proper bed.

She showered, part amazed and part horrified at the sheer quantity of dirt that she'd collected while on the run. She ate breakfast alone in the little modern flat Elopolis City Council had built for low-income residents at a time when war had been something that happened far away in other countries.

The block of flats had been completed about a week after Chaher had come to power. With the general crisis, they had never been offered to anyone on the social housing list. They were now being used as housing for Resistance officers who did not initially live in the city.

As she walked down the stairs, she passed a pair of too-young looking officers returning from a night shift, who gave her a salute as she passed. Moore remembered a time when she had been a pacifist. The memory had taken on the same quality as a dream. She couldn't quite believe it was real.

Yervia-Ulinaria Boundary

Jae Chung crossed the boundary line in the middle of a forest. Someone, some time ago, had stuck a collection of signs informing people they were crossing the boundary on trees and informing passing travellers that "Ulinarian authoritarians will PAY* their share. Join today!".

She'd stumbled upon a Kerlian soldier and a Lauchenoirian soldier about thirty minutes earlier in the woods. The pair were lying together on the ground, half their uniforms off and strewn around the area. They had been silent and all three of them had been startled when she came in sight of them. They'd reached for their weapons, but she had been faster.

She now pressed through the end of the forest, and came to an abrupt halt where the ground dropped away to fields below. The hill edge before her was steeper than she had been expecting, so she cursed and began walking along the edge, looking for a more passable way down into the rural part of Ulinaria.

High-Speed Railway, Ecanta Province

The man who sat on the train had gone by many names. He preferred, if possible, to go by none. As he sat amongst the Lauchenoirian troops being sent to meet the Coalition front lines, he wondered who among them would never make the return journey. He would, of course. He always did.

He had worked for many people, and many sides. Whoever paid the most. He had spent his time at the beginning of the war searching for Moore, but she'd always managed to evade him. Now Moore was publicly in Elopolis, and Charissa Clarke "˜did not require' his services. So, when Yousef Chaher had come knocking, he'd accepted, even if this wasn't his usual commission.

He checked the package was secure once more as they left the train at some small village station he didn't care to learn the name of. The soldiers he was with chattered excitedly in a mixture of English and Spanish, in the manner of young fools who knew little of the realities of war. The man didn't care to be among them any longer.

He slipped away, going unseen in the manner of someone who had practiced extensively. By the time he left the village, his Lauchenoirian Army uniform was gone and he was dressed in the manner of the kind of farmer who chose to live in the difficult climate of southern Lauchenoiria rather than farming the more fertile land to the north.

When he was far enough away from civilisation that he was certain nobody would see, he took out Yousef's package and opened it up. He was rather curious to see what the boy would pay him so much to deliver.

He held up the vial of red liquid. Blood? And then it dawned on him.

Near Aelurian Blockade

It was Fergie's turn to row and Carlito's to guard when it happened. They were alone in the water when all at once, two boats sped towards them on either side. Carlito yelped and dropped the gun on Frederic's head, which promptly woke him.

"Sugar!" Fergie yelled and began to row faster, though she knew it was futile.

"¡Rápido! ¡Rápido! ¡Rápido!" yelled Carlito.

"Allez, allez, allez!" yelled Frederic.

One of the boats stopped abruptly in front of them, forcing Fergie to stop.

Fergie grabbed the weapon and pointed it towards the boat. The Lauchenoirian navy personnel that she faced had many more.

"Put down the weapon, little girl," one of them called. "Don't want to have to shoot you."

Fergie glanced at the other two. They both looked terrified. She placed the gun down on the boat and stepped backwards, faster than she intended. The motion made the boat rock and she fell on her backside in between Carlito and Frederic. Laughter passed through the ranks of those on the boat ahead of them.

LFS Erebus, Aelurian Blockade

Captain Gregor Docherty of the LFS Erebus had not seen much action in this war. In fact, the most exciting thing the Erebus had done so far was capture a trio of teenagers trying to flee off of Aeluria. So, he took a far greater interest in the situation than a man of his position would normally.

One of the boys was a Laeralite, which is what made Docherty suspicious of the situation. Just why would a citizen of a Coalition state be on Aeluria, who were just as much at war with the Coalition as the Lauchenoirian state?

"I don't like this," he said to his first officer. "I know nothing of this supposed language exchange programme, and that Laeralite is clearly overexaggerating his level of fear. No, the Aelurians are up to something."

"What do you propose we do?" she asked. Lorna Rigley was below average height, but her intellect was sharp and she was fast. They had been in a bar once in Summersea, and some man had been harassing a woman on the other side of the bar. The woman had screamed and all of a sudden, the man was on the ground bleeding, with Lorna standing over him.

"Our asset on Aeluria hasn't reported for a while. We have no current intelligence on the island. We need to send people to the shore."

"Our orders were to remain surrounding the island and apprehend anyone attempting to enter or leave."

"And that's what we'll do. Pick twenty of our best. Send them out in two groups after nightfall. And, I cannot stress this enough, this is an intelligence gathering mission. They are not to get into a firefight unless the Aelurians or their Kivasekian allies start it."

Outskirts of Usera

The fight for the city had taken most of the day. But the Resistance had finally been pushed back, and were holed up in the old cathedral, holding the position with a persistence Chloe Conde would have admired if it wasn't so damn irritating.

As she made her way into the city, they passed over the bodies of the dead. The Kerlians had already cleared out their own dead, but most of the Resistance fighters lay where they fell. Their structure was more organised than some of the DKS** groups she had fought when she first joined the military in her late teens, but it still left a lot to be desired.

Conde reached the cathedral and stayed a safe distance away. The Resistance were firing out the windows while the Kerlians exchanged fire from the ground. She checked the time. This had gone on long enough.

"Storm the building," she ordered, "and remember, I want Viratnen and her little circle alive."

Inside Usera Cathedral

Leonie Bennett wasn't sure if she'd finished high school. She'd sat her last set of exams, but she'd never had results or any kind of official recognition. The perils of running off to fight in a war, she supposed. It was an odd thing to come to mind when she was probably about to die.

A bullet shattered the window near where she stood, and she yelped, jumping backwards to the innermost wall. She could hear fighting in the stairs beneath her and she knew the Kerlians were coming. She felt utterly sick. She fumbled through her pocket and brought out a picture of her with her parents and little brother that she'd rescued from her purse before dumping it months ago. She clutched it and slid down the wall to sit on the floor.

She watched Sonja and Josephine argue without hearing what they said. The ever-closer gunshots from the stairwell preoccupied her. She didn't know what had happened to Oliver. Ramiro Soto stood in another corner whispering to Peter Fischer, Laura Moore's former aide. Rayna Little, the criminal who'd helped Josephine escape Ginsap stood with a rifle trained on the door.

When the door burst open, it felt to Leonie like the world had crumbled to pieces around her. The moment between one breath and the next felt both instantaneous and infinite to the terrified teenager who more than ever before felt completely out of her depth.

Rayna only got off one shot before a Kerlian put a bullet in her head. Sonja leapt towards the window, only to be caught by Josephine, who was now crying for a reason Leonie had missed. The two men raised their arms in surrender, and Leonie did the same. Sonja curled into Josephine.

Chloe Conde stepped foot in the room and time returned to its normal rate. She surveyed the room. Her eyes fell upon Leonie.

"Stand," she commanded. Shaking, Leonie complied. Conde turned back to Sonja.

"Good evening, Ms Viratnen. I'm sorry to say, I come bearing bad news. Your sister unfortunately has passed away."

"She doesn't have a sister, you fascist misandrist," spat Josephine.

"Ms Alvarez, a pleasure. But I am afraid you don't know your wife as well as I do. Isn't that right, Sonja?"

Sonja continued to bury her head in Josephine's chest and did not respond. Conde tilted her head in a gesture to one of the soldiers behind her. The soldier raised her weapon and shot Peter in the shoulder. He screamed and fell to the ground. Sonja's head shot up.

"This is exactly why..." she began, growling, then seemed to catch herself. Leonie watched on in confusion and shock.

"Why Viratnen?" Conde asked. She emphasised the sentence, and it seemed to lack a pause in the middle that would indicate a comma in the written form.

"Stop it," Sonja said.

"You know, Josie, can I call you Josie? I heard the pair of you were planning to adopt before all this happened. Start a family here. A foolish decision. Certainly, it caught our attention. It became our duty to inform you that your relationship was based on a lie."

"Stop it," Sonja begged.

"Sonja Viratnen, daughter of Hanna and Antero Viratnen. Both executed in 1994 for treason. Their thirteen-year-old daughter, abandoned in her home and forgotten by the authorities. Their daughter, who went on to fight for DKS. Everyone knows the story, especially now. Except, that isn't exactly true, is it?"

"Stop, please!"

"It always seemed quite inconsistent to me. When we find a family of traitors, we don't usually let one of their members escape. So how did little Sonja manage it?"


"Answer: she didn't. You are not Sonja Viratnen."


"What the hell are you on about?" Josephine growled.

"Sonja Viratnen died in 1994 with her parents. And then someone else took her name. Erased the record of her death. Escaped, and ran. Survived even when her comrades perished. Who is this miracle worker? Who had such knowledge of Kerlian records? What little thirteen-year-old would risk doing such a thing?"

"Please, please stop it!" Sonja was kneeling on the ground at this point, crying. Leonie, forgotten, began to edge closer to the door.

"Do you want to know who your wife is, Josephine Irma Alvarez Gallego?"

"I know who she is," Josephine retorted, but there was uncertainty in her voice. Leonie edged further.

"Meet Jennifer Eleonora Hale, daughter of Camila Wren Hale, sister of Cornelia Rosa Hale. Do you recognise the names?"

"You... expect me to believe..." Josephine was at a loss for words. Sonja was sobbing now. Leonie tried to make a break for it. One of the Kerlians grabbed her and forced her to her knees. Conde glanced back at her briefly then continued to ignore her. The Kerlian holding Leonie tightened her grip. Leonie tried not to gasp.

"Do stand up, Jennifer. Now your sister has passed, it is time for you to take your rightful place as the Hale family representative on the Council of Kerlile."

*PAY is the acronym for the Partido Anarquista de Yervia (Anarchist Party of Yervia), a pro-Yervian independence fringe party. They are known for disliking the other provinces and sticking propaganda posters in strange places.
**Democratic Kerlian State, the anti-regime faction in the 1992-99 Kerlian Civil War

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:26 pm

Department of Internal Security Headquarters, Litudinem
Aug. 8 - Morning

After nearly 14 accumulated hours of sifting through the body cam fee from the failed capture of Suspect No. 143567, the man who was responsible for the killing of the Maximusian VP, David Von Jí¸nes saw it. It was only in two frames of one body came, but it was all Jí¸nes needed. In the corner of the frame was a van, slowly inching its way away from the scene. This wouldn't be unusual, there are lots of vans on the road at midnight, had it not been for one thing: the trajectory. The van was pointed in a direction that meant it was coming from out behind the motel. This was strange, the motel had no occupants aside from Suspect: 143567, in addition, there was nothing behind the motel except from some jagged rocks and an overgrown plateau. It had been assumed, based on the fact that Suspect 143567's car was still at the motel, that the suspect had escaped on foot. This meant that that was false.

On another monitor, Jí¸nes inputed the extremely blurred license plate number that was only visible in one of the frames: QP7-CT23. The van was registered to an Enterprise car rentals operating in Augustine International Airport. Jí¸nes grabbed a phone and placed the call.

Unknown Location
Aug. 8 - Morning

Vilav Trotsky was, yet again, sitting in the same folding chair sitting in the same dimly lit room as when he had first met Gen. Chloe Conde. This time, a short, blond woman sat in front of him.

"You should be dead," she stated nonchalantly before slapping him across the face.

"Listen!" Trotsky exclaimed suddenly before violently twisting the woman's arm before she could pull it back. Trotsky released after the woman had cried out in pain. That was what Trotsky was after. Hey stared deeply into her eyes, massaged his stinging face, and began.

"Do not believe that I care in the slightest for your scummy nation. It has more than earned its place in hell. The only nation I care about, or are even the slightest bit interested in, is Libertas Omnium Maximus. I will save them from their Democratic state. I will bring them into the light. I will make them see! I am an expert saboteur, that is why you want me. You know that my bomb will not fail. I'm reliable, the best in business even. That is why you want me. You know that I can eliminate, any target you want, so long as I have the supplies. That is why you want me. Yes, that stupid driver may have foiled my plan last time, but I will not fail again! I want 20 of your best covert operatives, $12,000, enough fake ID's to get me and my team back into Libertas Omnium Maximus. If you do this, I will kill the President, I will kill the secretary of defense, I will cut the head off the snake. I just need your supplies. Do we have an agreement?"

The woman snarled and shook hands with Trotsky.

"Pleasure doing business with you. One thing though, if you do fail, we will hunt you down and kill you."

Trotsky smiled, "I wouldn't dream of it."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:54 pm


The man on Aeluria sighed and checked his watch as he waited for Anael Noguera to appear at their rendezvous. In the beginning, his status had allowed him to come and go from the island as he wished, unlike the rest of the population. But with Chaher's death, he was just as trapped as the others. He recognised the nicotine withdrawal symptoms within himself, but he had no time to deal with them.

Anael Noguera stormed across the beach towards him in a manner quite unlike his normal cautious approaches. As soon as he was next to the man, Anael let loose.

"You promised me I'd be out of here by... this! I swear to Arbera* I will do nothing more for you! I am done!"

"I'm sorry to hear that, Mr Noguera. Is there nothing I can say to change your mind?"

"No! I don't believe a word you say!"

"So be it," the man said, then as casually as if he was taking his wallet out his pocket, drew his weapon and shot Anael through the head.

"Cheer up," he said to the body. "You're the lucky one, you know. I know what's coming for me, and nothing I can do to stop it. I'd join you, but that would be admitting defeat."


Keitha Noguera had been meeting with one of the Kivasekians when the news came. She'd been concerned that her Cabinet was about to oust her, and she'd been on the verge of asking them to prevent it when Alyssa burst in.

"Ma'am, I need to see you outside. It's urgent," Alyssa urged. Keitha had sighed and apologised to the man she was meeting.

"What is it?" she asked when they got outside.

"Ma'am, you need to sit down," Alyssa had said, gesturing at a nearby seat. Warily, Keitha had complied. "The body of an Aelurian civilian was found with a gunshot wound to the head on the beach earlier. He had been dead for a number of hours. I'm afraid... I'm afraid it was your husband, Anael. I am so sorry."

Keitha hadn't quite believed the news at first. She cancelled the rest of her meetings, and went to examine the body. It was only there that she finally understood that Alyssa spoke the truth. She had held it together until she was back in Julena House. She had gone to lie down on her bed, and had discovered an envelope on the pillow, addressed to her in Anael's handwriting.

She sat now, holding it in her hands, too scared to open it and wondering what was inside. Eventually, she opened it up, and pulled out a handwritten letter.

"Dear Keitha,

I want to start by saying that I did truly love you. All those years we were together, they were worth everything to me. But I never agreed with your politics. I think, deep down, you knew that. It was never a problem for me, until you became set on this declaration of independence.

You made that deal with Suleman Chaher, and he came to me because he knew. He asked me if you would keep your end of it, if you would wait. I spoke the truth. No, she has no intention of doing so. Over the next few months, that was not the only question Suleman Chaher asked of me. When he found you, to tell you Walker was behind the assassination attempt, it was because I said where you were.

I thought I was fighting for Lauchenoiria, for what I believed in. I thought I could save us from what's coming. I know now that isn't true. And so, I have to go, I have to confront the people I so foolishly worked for. After, I need to stop this. I hope one day I'll come back, my love, when all this is over and done and we are all safe once more.

With all the love in the universe,


Keitha lost her grip on the letter and it fluttered to the ground, as the tears flowed from her eyes. She sat like that for so long, that she missed the news until the next morning.

Near Elopolis

The city of Elopolis looked to Jae Chung like it hadn't been touched by the war. The city had been snatched from the Junta by the Resistance so slowly and stealthily it had avoided most of the destruction brought upon Annatown and some of the smaller towns she had passed through.

If she had been driving, she would have reached the city from her present position in fifteen minutes. As it was, she predicted it would take her several hours. She walked along the rural roads, passing through deserted farms and seeing no other people for most of the journey.

At one point, while passing by a field full of some crop she didn't recognise, she came upon a boy of about ten. He screamed and curled up in a ball.

"Don't shoot me!" he said in Spanish, visibly terrified and crying.

"I'm not going to shoot you," she replied in the same language. She'd spent long enough in the English-speaking north that it felt odd to her to come upon random people speaking Spanish.

"Kerlians always shoot the boys, or make us into slaves!"

"I'm not Kerlian, I'm with the Resistance," she said, trying to soothe the boy.

"You're not?" he said, peeking out from his arms and staring at her. Seeing the lack of Kerlian insignia, he unfurled and stood up. "Sorry, the Kerlians always come here. They take our food and they kill people."

"I thought this was Resistance territory."

"Is, but the Kerlians want to take it so there's all these little groups of them around. Be careful," he warned.

"I will, thanks."

She went on her way, wishing she had something to give to the boy, but she herself hadn't eaten in several days, and money had long since ceased to have any real meaning in her life. Guess Chaher got his communist utopia, she thought, smiling grimly at the irony.


Laura Moore had been having a good-natured debate about education policy with someone from Victoria Juárez's provincial government, when the news arrived. They were in a shopping mall food court that had been converted into the Resistance canteen, when someone had rushed to a TV screen and turned on the government's propaganda channel, a smartphone clattering to the ground behind them.

"... apologise to the people of Lauchenoiria for the deceit. I am sorry for the hurt I may have caused, and hereby resign my position within the Lauchenoirian Resistance."

Sonja Alvarez looked like she'd been crying as she addressed the camera, and then the picture cut back to a studio.

"It seems like the tape released by this woman has sent shockwaves throughout the country. Many so-called "˜Resistance' terrorists have begun turning themselves in and recognising our government after this revelation. They are discovering the truth that this "˜Resistance' is led by foreign elements determined to subvert our government."

"What is this?" someone in the canteen called.

"Watch!" the person who had put it on the screen replied.

"The Council of Kerlile have provided us with photographs that prove "˜Sonja' speaks the truth. Here is a picture of the young Jennifer Hale, and you can quite clearly see the resemblance. Here's a more recent picture of her sister Cornelia, and you can clearly tell that the woman known to the "˜Resistance' as Sonja Alvarez is in fact Jennifer Hale, heir to the Hale family seat on the Council of Kerlile."

All at once the room erupted in chatter. Moore brought out the phone that Juárez had supplied her with and found the video on the Resistance channels. It showed Sonja revealing that she was really Jennifer Hale, that she had lied and was returning to Kerlile.

Moore jumped up from her seat, an action that was mirrored throughout the entire canteen hundreds of times over. She rushed out of the room, already dialling the number they used to contact the Usera Resistance faction. The number was disconnected. She tried every number she could think of for Usera, including the old numbers for Josephine and Sonja she knew were no longer in use.

Eventually she gave up and called Victoria.

"Is it true?"

"Everything about it suggests the video is genuine. And... I mean, they have a point. The pictures the Junta is showing do have a clear family resemblance. Kerlile took Usera yesterday, and it's entirely possible Sonja could have been forced to make the video, but..."

"What would Kerlile gain from faking it?"

There was silence over the line for a few seconds until Moore spoke again.

"Are they right about people deserting us?"

"No, far as we can tell, that part is just propaganda. But we took heavy losses in Usera. They've taken a lot of prisoners as far as we can tell, but there are many others dead. Some of the locals who were using our backroad into social media have been saying the city reeks of dead bodies. And some of the local wildlife is venturing a bit closer to the city than usual."

"Gross, Tori."

"With Walker dead and Sonja... not, we really need you to have a more public presence. Our supporters need to see that the Resistance has a leader and that we're not dead yet."

"Fine," Moore sighed. "What do you want me to do?"


Will Jones sat in a lab in Carville University performing tests on the sample that had arrived last night (or, more precisely, early that morning). The man who had delivered the sample seemed to vanish into thin air after Will had confirmed his identity.

A pair of local Resistance members stood watching him, having intercepted their communications, as he had expected. He knew a bunch of Maximusian soldiers were outside as well. It made him nervous.

"This is going to take a while, you know," he said to the pair watching. If they heard him, they didn't acknowledge it. "You know I'm not on Chaher's side, right?"

"Chaher is dead," one of them said.

"Yeah, I know that, but..."

"Get on with it," the other ordered.

Will turned back to his work.


Major Amanda Littlewood stood surveying the city that she now supposed was in her hands. Colonel Conde had shipped out with Jennifer Hale and Josephine Alvarez earlier that day, back to Kerlile, leaving Littlewood in command, at least for the time being.

Littlewood hadn't had an easy time of it so far. What had initially seemed like an honour now stressed her out. To begin with, they had gone to liberate the prisoners kept by the Resistance, to discover a group of the Resistance's own who had attempted to overthrow Hale. Littlewood ordered their execution. Hale was a traitor, but she was a Hale.

Then there was Olivia Quí­ros. The little anti-Chaher reporter who had been turned in Ginsap. Quí­ros immediately began trying to suck up to Littlewood. She didn't trust the slimy coward one bit, and had tried to keep the woman behind bars. Quí­ros had begged her to let her out, and if not to kill her. Anything but further imprisonment. Littlewood had walked away.

Once she received word the plane had landed safely in Kerlile, she released the tape Conde had forced Hale to record. When Conde had threatened to shoot Hale's little pet teenager Leonie, the young girl had tried to tell Hale not to do it, but when the gun was held to her head, the teenager had shrieked. Needless to say, Hale had complied.


Leonie Bennett couldn't tell if the dampness on her clothes was from tears, sweat or something entirely nastier. She was being held in what must have once been a community centre, on rows of plastic chairs designed for schoolchildren. After the Kerlians had taken away Josephine and... they had separated her from the two men. They'd been taken away in some van, she'd been brought here.

Most of the other women in the room were injured. The pair across from her had tried to start a conversation shortly after Leonie had been brought there. The Kerlians had beaten the pair so badly a puddle of blood now stained the floor in front of them.

"No talking! That was your warning! Next person who breaks the rules won't be so lucky!"

If that was "˜lucky' Leonie did not want to be the next person who broke the rules. Every woman in the room was handcuffed, which led Leonie to spend fifteen minutes wondering just where they got so many pairs of handcuffs. The ones on her own wrists were uncomfortably tight.

At some point in the middle of the night, one of the women had asked to go to the bathroom. The Kerlians had dragged her outside. She didn't return. Sometime later, Leonie heard a scream from outside that made her blood run cold.

She had plenty of time to think over the events of the previous night.

"Do stand up, Jennifer. Now your sister has passed, it is time for you to take your rightful place as the Hale family representative on the Council of Kerlile."

"Is that true?" Josephine had said to Sonja.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Sonja had sobbed. "I didn't want to lie to you, but..."

"Get the apes out of here," Conde had said, gesturing to the two men, one lying on the floor clutching his bleeding shoulder. Some of the Kerlians had dragged the pair away. "And Jennifer's little pet too."

Apparently, that had referred to Leonie, because she found herself dragged to her feet and out of the room. They were taken out of the cathedral. The two men were added to a group of prisoners being loaded into a van. She was handed over to a different set of Kerlians, who dragged her across the city.

At some point, Leonie slept, though she didn't know how. She was woken by the door banging open. Four armed Kerlians stood at the door, and one walked down the rows, pointing at some people. The Kerlian guards dragged those people out the door. Leonie was not chosen.

The rows were told to move down, filling the spaces of those who had been taken, and the end of the room filled up with a new group of prisoners who seemed to be in even worse shape than the first. The new group included a girl who looked even younger than Leonie.

It wasn't until much later in the day, when the room had started to smell like a badly cleaned public toilet, when Leonie was finally moved. Throughout the day, they had taken seemingly arbitrary groups away. When Leonie was finally chosen, she felt more relieved than terrified. The young girl was in her group as well.

They were loaded into the back of a van, which wasn't really large enough to hold their number. They were still handcuffed, but no Kerlians remained in the back of the van. They had been moving for about ten minutes before anyone dared talk. At first, they only spoke in whispers.

"Does anyone know what's going on?"

"I don't think I want to."

"I heard that the Kerlians brought their whole army here and now control half the country."

"No, I heard they bombed Laeral and then the whole Coalition withdrew to go help them, leaving us to die."

"Does it even matter anymore?"

"What are they going to do to us?"

"I heard Kerlians torture their prisoners for fun. If we're lucky, some of our own will blow this thing up before we get to our destination."

"I heard Sonja Alvarez is really some kind of Kerlian princess and sold us all out, and now the whole population of Lauchenoiria are to be enslaved by the Kerlians."

"You know nothing," Leonie had said to that. "Sonja wouldn't do that."

"Yeah well, she's not Sonja, is she? She's Jennifer Hale."

"I don't care, I know her, she wouldn't."


When Sonja Alvarez looked in the mirror, she saw Jennifer Hale. For the first time in twenty years, she couldn't push her past behind her. Jennifer had aged in the years since Sonja had shoved her into a closet in the back of her mind.

She'd been split from Josephine, who was refusing to speak to her, upon arrival in Kerlile. Josephine was taken god knows where. Sonja was delivered to the Council building in Grapevale. Each Council member was provided with an apartment in the building, for occasions where they might not wish to return home after a session.

The Hale apartment was still full of her sister's belongings. The young Cornelia had tormented Jennifer. Whoever the latter was now, she felt shockingly little emotion at the thought of her sister's passing. She didn't even care to learn how it had happened.

She'd tried the outer door on the apartment, but it was predictably locked. As were the windows, which were made of bulletproof glass, as was standard in Council buildings. The only books in the apartment appeared to be Kerlian propaganda or misandrist literature. The television only showed the News of Kerlile, a propaganda programme. There was no computer and her phone had been taken.

She'd tried watching the TV for a while, but the reports of the war from the Kerlian side were depressing, and when they started broadcasting the message she'd been forced to record she couldn't bear to watch any longer.

Eventually, a pair of Council guards appeared to inform her the Council had requested her presence in an hour, and she ought to prepare herself. She was filthy from the war, and decided to shower. She had fully intended to turn up to the meeting in her Resistance clothes, but they had vanished while she showered and so she had been forced into one of her sister's ridiculous outfits. The Kerlian brand of faux feminist feudalism looked ridiculous.

When she stood outside the Council chamber awaiting her summons, no guards stood visibly nearby. She knew, of course, that there were probably at least fifteen pairs of eyes on her, and that if she tried to run she wouldn't get far. The atrium outside the chamber hadn't changed much since she'd last been there, when she was about eleven? Twelve?

The door to the chamber opened. Jennifer Hale cast off the last piece of Sonja Alvarez that remained. If she was to survive this, she would need to be a Hale, for once.

"Who enters this chamber?" a voice called.

"Jennifer Eleonora Hale, daughter of Camila Wren Hale," Jennifer answered. The words came so easy to her, like riding a bike years after the last time you did.

"Does this Council permit Jennifer Eleonora Hale to enter?"

A chorus of "aye" went around the room. A small part of Sonja that clung on fidgeted with impatience at the pointless ritual. The lights came up fully, and Sonja stepped forwards, facing the semicircle where the Council sat. The fifth chair from the left was empty. The ridiculous crest her great-grandmother had designed adorned it.

"You may address the Council."

Jennifer glanced around the room. All eyes were on her.

"I call upon the esteemed members of this Council to cut the bull and tell me what they want."

Anita Patel raised an eyebrow as she spoke.

"We would like you to say the Council vow and take your family's seat."

"We all dream of impossible things," Jennifer replied.

"It is disappointing to hear you say that," Letitia Greenwood, daughter of the current President said. "You are a part of us."

"Didn't you get the memo? I left precisely because I don't want any part of this."

"We encourage you to think this over, perhaps you will change your mind," suggested Natalia Hart.

"I doubt it."

"You may leave," said Anita Patel, in a voice that made it clear it was not a suggestion. Jennifer gave an exaggerated mock curtsey and then spun to exit the room. Upon her exit, she was escorted back to the apartment. Inside was now a quantity of food, but nothing else to entertain her. The door was locked loudly behind her.


Josephine Alvarez sat in a cell that was clearly designed by someone who watched a few too many fantasy movies. The entirety of Kerlile had that aesthetic, in fact, but Josephine had not had time to see much of it, having been taken to the cell with a bag over her head.

"Where is my wife?" Josephine had asked the guard as she locked the door. The guard ignored her. There was nothing in the cell but an uncomfortable looking bed and a bucket that appeared to be for the purpose of relieving yourself.

"Not again," Josephine had commented to herself. The place looked very little like Ginsap, but a prison is a prison, however weird the architect was. There were no other prisoners nearby. Wherever Josephine was, she guessed it wasn't the standard Kerlian form of incarceration. She'd read reports on Kerlian prisons once, when she was a government minister. If they were accurate, this was better.

She had been thoroughly searched, but was still wearing the clothes she'd had on in the cathedral. She didn't know how long it had been since she'd found out the truth about Sonja. She didn't feel tired yet, even though she had to have been awake for at least twenty-four hours. She didn't know if she'd ever be able to sleep again.

After about four hours of pointlessly trying to work out methods of escape and doing stretches just to keep herself occupied, Josephine heard the clunk of Kerlian boots in the corridor outside. She walked over to the bars. A Kerlian guard was passing. Josephine reached out and grabbed the guard by the sleeve.

"Where is my wife?" Josephine demanded.

The Kerlian reached with her other arm for an object that approximated a truncheon, and brought it down hard on Josephine's hand. She bit back a yell of pain and withdrew her arm. The guard continued on, without speaking a word.

"WHERE IS MY WIFE?" Josephine yelled after her. The guard didn't turn. Nobody else passed for another four hours after that. Someone came by and opened the cell, handing Josephine a bowl full of something that smelled worse than the food in Ginsap.

"You going to give me a spoon with this?" Josephine asked. The guard banged the door behind her and turned the lock. Josephine, who by this point was very hungry began to try and eat the sloppy porridge with her hands and mouth. It tasted like vomit. Josephine was not entirely sure that it wasn't.

Four more hours passed before another soul passed her way. At this point, she'd lay down on the bed and was trying to get some sleep. All the exhaustion that fear, anger and adrenaline had previously kept away had rushed her at once and she desperately needed sleep.


She jumped. She didn't know where the noise came from. If she'd been in Usera, she'd have been worried it was the enemy sneaking up on her. She hoped someone had invaded Kerlile and would soon free her. It became clear within the next hour it wasn't. Josephine began to drift off to sleep again.


Was she imagining it? Maybe the Kerlians had drugged her with hallucinogenics, or perhaps after her experience in Ginsap she could no longer tolerate confinement and was slowly going mad. She was exhausted, she'd work it out in the morning.


The third time, it began to dawn on Josephine that perhaps the Kerlians didn't want her to go to sleep. She lay down once more, and feigned the start of sleep.


Josephine Alvarez hated the Kerlians.

*Lurian (religion of Aeluria) Goddess of Nature

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Kvask » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:46 am

Aelurian Coast, Late Night

Ever since the death of Anael Noguera, the Kivasekian Brigades on Aeluria had gone onto high alert, putting on nightly patrols along the coastline, making sure nothing would get on or off of the island without the Kivasekians knowing it.

Henrik, Sebastian, and the two other guards had been taken off-island in order to investigate the shooting incident as well as protecting them from retribution. In Sebastian's place, another officer by the name of Zigmund Medvedik took charge to form a larger platoon to guard the northern coast, a task he thought would be quite easy.

Sitting on a makeshift bench from a fallen tree, Zigmund lit what was left of his nicotine supply with a small flame; a half-smoked, hand-made cigarette. As he inhaled the rotten smoke, he looked around the treeline where other platoon members were similarly lounging about and silently wishing they could go home.

Coming from behind him, a feminine voice approached, "Hey, Ziggy." Turning his head minimally, he saw his squadmate Angelina take a seat next to him, "How're you holding up, big guy?"

Shaking his head, Zigmund exhaled a small stream of smoke before handing off his glowing paper to Angelina, "Same as anyone else; afraid that every night is the last one and wanting to go home, away from this damn heat wave... You?"

Shrugging as she took a small drag and flicked some ash off, Angelina spoke softly, "I just need a good cigarette."

Zigmund shook his head, looking out onto the rolling waves with the moon painting it a bright white, "You have a bright outlook on this otherwise?"

"Pretty much."

"Whatever you say, Ang. You'll be glad when we go home from this 'extended vacation'."

Angelina passed the cigarette back and stood up, walking to the west as she talked, "I'm going to check Jan's squad, see if anything's amiss there."

Zigmund waved her off as he put the cigarette back into his mouth and picked up his rifle, brushing the sand off of it.

Silent minutes accented by the odd bird in the leaves above passed before a shout of alarm came from the west, "Czyako (Kivasekian term for 'unknown invaders') from the sea!"

Standing up, confused by the shout without any prior warning, Zigmund, along with a few others made some careful steps towards the shout before a shot rang out from the direction, prompting Zigmund to give a command, "Squad! Move to assist!"

Arriving only a few moments later, a firefight had begun between the two group, with the Kivasekians staying behind the treeline as they fired at the unknown assailants. Taking cover behind a rock along with another soldier, Zigmund used a radio to notify the platoon HQ of the engagement before firing upon the enemy's landing craft, damaging the motor. Seeing their motor destroyed and with no way out, he enemy stopped firing and cowered behind the hull, throwing their guns onto the sand and raising their hands up into the air. As he was reloading his rifle with stripper clips, Zigmund called out to the soldiers to cease fire, the shots deadening to a few random shots before ZIgmund called for a ceasefire again.

"¡Nos rendimos! No dispares!" A young man stood up with his hands in the air, shaking visibly as he faced a dark treeline. Zigmund stepped out with his rifle pointed at him, the muzzle of the rifle only a foot or two away from the man's face. Unable to speak Spanish, Zigmund motioned with his gun for the main to strip off his gear, to which he complied. Gathering one other survivor from the failed attack on the island, Zigmund had three soldiers take the two to the platoon HQ and question them.

Returning to his own line, Zigmund crouched next to a wounded soldier with a bullet graze against his leg, "He going to be okay. doc?"

The medic, who was wrapping his leg up, nodded and clicked his tongue against his teeth, "Without a doubt, unless it gets infected. He'll need a while for it to heal properly, though some basic cleaning and bed rest will be best for him." Patting the soldier's chest, the medic smiled, "This sonovagun walked right up to them and asked who they were. The boys in the boat got scared and shot a round next to his leg, thinking he was the only one." Chuckling fondly at the recent memory, he looked up to Zigmund, "That's right around when Angelina waltzed over and called out for you guys. Damn fine shot she is, too." Grunting as he picked the wounded up to get his arm over his shoulder, the medic started walking towards HQ, "Doubt they'll try this again."

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Laeral » Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:37 pm

Kerlian-held territory, Southern Yervia
Night of August 8th
Matéo Labat was deriving grim satisfaction from frustrating his Kerlian torturers. The officer leading his interrogation was a woman with short red hair who pursed her lips tightly when she was angry. Matéo's sole source of pleasure for the past few days had been seeing that expression reappear again and again on her face. He was chained standing up in a small room he thought had been a farmhouse closet, with no place to sleep besides fitfully, and while standing up. There was no place to urinate, and they'd ignored him when he'd asked to use the bathroom. The interrogator and her thugs had taken to appearing during the middle of the night and at other odd hours. Matéo at least took comfort in that he didn't think they'd figured out he was a Laeralian spy. If they had, they'd probably be treating him worse than they were now. Instead of being the sole source of their torture, he was one of a few enemies of the Kerlian state his interrogators had devoted their special attention to.

The door opened without warning, and the interrogator stepped in, flanked by soldiers. "He goes too," she said, gesturing dismissively at him, and stepped out. No doubt she thought she had more important matters to attend to. The soldiers unchained him from the wall, and he almost collapsed, before they caught him under his arms and carried him out. Matéo let them take him. What could he do? He hadn't eaten since yesterday's sparse meal, and the only thing he'd had to drink had been a bucket of stagnant water splashed over his face that morning.
"Where are you taking me?" he rasped. The guards ignored him. In the warm Lauchenoirian night, they carried him past the barn where the other POWs were. Matéo had never been particularly religious, but he made a silent prayer for Daniel, and Camino, and the soldiers within. He'd gotten attached to the Lauchenoirian teenager, and he hoped that he'd be okay.

The guards lifted him into the back of a military truck, chaining him to the inside wall. There were two other prisoners in there, one completely non-responsive and one staring blankly off into space. The truck drove off, leaving the farmhouse behind. Matéo didn't know where he was going, but he figured it couldn't be good.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Lauchenoiria » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:04 pm

Fleura House

President Kieran MacKenzie was getting old. Half the time now, he couldn't even remember he was the President. But every once in a blue moon, he knew with crystal clarity exactly what was going on. This was one of those days.

President MacKenzie had been a Liberal all his life, even when no such party legally existed. His father had been killed by the Communists, and he had sworn he'd never support them. He was ashamed he'd broken that promise, even given the reason why.

Over two months earlier, Suleman Chaher had come to him, asking him to succeed Leanna Walker after her rigged impeachment vote. Initially, he had refused. And then one of Chaher's goons had escorted his wife, Patricia, into the room and casually asked the same question again. The implication was clear.

Now, MacKenzie stood looking at himself in the mirror. It was his first clear day in a month. The first since Suleman Chaher had died. When Chaher was Prime Minister, he had treated MacKenzie as a puppet. Charissa Clarke was even worse.

That morning, he had wanted to go for a walk around the grounds of Fleura House to appreciate the outdoors before the fog in his mind inevitably returned. One of the guards at the door had stopped him.

"I'm afraid you cannot leave the building Mr President."

"Why not? Is there some danger?"

"For your own safety, the Prime Minister has requested you remain here."

"That's all very well, but she doesn't have the right to give that order."

"I'm sorry, sir."

He may have been Chaher's puppet, but he was Clarke's prisoner. And that was a situation he could not allow to go on much longer.

Edmund Walker's house, Laeral

Edmund's wife, Amalie, was a small Laeralian woman who spoke only basic English and not a word of Spanish. Nevertheless, she doted upon Kelli and Jamey Moore from the moment they arrived.

The pair had been smuggled out of Lauchenoiria and brought to Daniel Garza, who, knowing nothing of childcare, had taken the pair to Amalie & Edmund's. The pair were rather subdued, for young children, at first but had soon brightened up. Garza wondered what had happened to them before they came here. He knew they'd spent some time in Chaher's custody, and then several weeks on the run.

"Uncle Daniel, do you want to play football with us?" Jamey looked up at Garza, his eyes sparkling like a puppy's. The young boy had turned five at some point while his mother had them on the run. Garza hoped his birthday had been celebrated, at least somewhat.

"Oh, all right then! Everybody outside!"

Jamey and Kelli ran for the back door, and Edmund translated for his wife and then the pair followed as well.

"I think we should do boys versus girls because girls are better!" Kelli suggested, dragging Amalie to one side of the garden.

"You sure she wasn't switched with a little Kerlian girl?" Edmund joked to Daniel. Daniel laughed as Jamey dragged him onto the "˜pitch' too. Edmund produced a whistle and proceeded to act as referee.

Once the game had finished (3-2 to the boys, much to Kelli's disappointment), they all tumbled back into the house at sat down in the living room. The TV was on in the background, but most of them were focused on the jigsaw puzzle the kids were doing.

"Hey, look! It's mummy!" called out Jamey, looking at the TV.

Sure enough, Laura Moore's face was frozen on the TV screen while a pair of Laeralites sat discussing whatever she had said in French too rapid for Daniel, even after living in Laeral for two months, to translate. The screen shifted fully to Moore and played.

"The unverified allegations regarding Sonja Alvarez's supposed "˜secret identity' are irrelevant. Charissa Clarke's government continues to arbitrarily detain supposed political enemies, violate the human rights of ordinary Lauchenoirians and allow foreign nations such as Kerlile to carry out atrocities in our territory. Until the day Clarke and all the rest of Suleman Chaher's allies are out of government, we will continue to resist."

The Laeralites went back to discussing the implications of Moore's speech, and Kelli turned to Daniel.

"What are "˜atrocities'?" she asked.

Elopolis, Ulinaria

Jae Chung had finally succeeded in convincing the guard at the edge of the city to let her pass. She'd been forced to hand over her weapons, but either they were certain she wasn't a threat, or just short-staffed, because they let her wander into the city unaccompanied.

She asked every passing Resistance soldier where Laura Moore was likely to be found, and each of them seemed to point in a different direction. She wandered around the city for several hours before she came upon the shopping mall. It seemed to be a hub of activity, and so Jae wandered in amongst the crowd.

It was there that she spotted Laura Moore, sitting at a table among the Resistance soldiers, playing cards with three of them. It was such an unlikely place to see a former Prime Minister, that at first Jae wasn't quite sure it was her. But the longer she stared, the surer she was. She approached the table.

"Prime Minister Moore?" she asked uncertainly.

"Nobody's called me that in a while. Laura'll do fine," she said, tapping the seat next to her. Hesitantly, Jae sat down.

"I have something important for you," Jae said.

"What is it?" Moore replied, still concentrating on the card game.

"I have a USB," Jae began, her voice lowered, "given to me by Yasin Zaunq shortly before the fall of Annatown. I was instructed to take it to Sonja Alvarez and told it could put an end to the war."

Laura Moore slowly put the cards down and gave Jae her full attention.

"Annatown fell on the 15th June. What have you been doing all this time?"

Jae launched into the long story of exactly why the forces of the universe seemed aligned against her, and when she finished, everyone nearby was staring at her. She suddenly felt very nervous.

"My brother was in Lorentonia," someone called. "Do you think the government will have him in one of those camps?"

Suddenly the whole room was filled with people asking her questions. Moore took her by the arm and led her out into an empty store that seemed to be used as a Resistance office these days.

"Sorry about them. Where is this USB?"

"Here," Jae said, breaking the chain she'd stuck it on to wear around her neck. She handed it to Moore.

"Thank you. I'm going to take this back to HQ and find out what's on it. Join me?"

"Of course."

Unknown Location

Leonie Bennett desperately wished she hadn't gone to that protest in Usera. She'd slept fitfully on the seemingly endless journey to who knows where. One of the other women had been crying all through the night. The temperature in the van was now so hot that Leonie felt like she had bathed in sweat.

Conversation and speculation had long since stopped, and Leonie just sat slumped against the wall trying to think of ice cream, snow, anything cold. Suddenly a slight crackle filled the air and everyone in the van jumped. Leonie glanced in the direction of the noise and noticed a speaker by the ceiling.

"Oh, no, here we go..." said one of the women, a 40-something year old who had been in the army in her youth.

The broadcast that came over the speakers was loud enough to drown out any other attempts at conversation, and was played on a loop for several hours.

"The Matriarchy of Kerlile is a project to build a feminist utopia. Quite unlike all other nations, women are not degraded, treated as inferior and exploited by male rulers. In other nations, women are taught that they are lesser, even if not in those words.

The governments of the world reinforce this in the subtlest of ways. Everything from advertising to education and entertainment is geared towards this. Ask yourself: have you ever watched a movie where all the strength is show as male and all the weakness as female? Have you ever been in a playground and watched the boys having fun while girls are told off for not being "˜ladylike'?

Kerlile is a society where women can thrive. Ignore the propaganda your government has told you. Women will never be treated with respect if we do not take the power for ourselves. Join us today, and make the future free for women!"

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Sanctaria » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:39 pm

Government Manor, Sanctus; 8pm

Charlene Hendry cleared her throat and squinted as the overhead light momentarily shone directly in her face while it was being moved by a camera-man. One of the tv network's makeup assistants just finished dabbing on some blush - "to combat the harsh lighting", she claimed - and her aides were finishing up her speech. "Martin", she called to one of her speechwriters, "we're having an autocue, right?" The affirmative answer calmed Hendry somewhat. This was her first speech to the nation that she had had to do since she was installed as Prime Minister seven months earlier.

"Quiet please", a booming voice rang out. Hendry glanced behind the cameras right on front of her and saw an aide giving her five fingers, then four, then three. Hendry looked directly at the camera and took a breath when she saw the pilot light go red.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening.

I am speaking directly to you tonight because, for many weeks now, we've been seeing violent, distressing, and horrific scenes and images being transmitted out of Lauchenoiria, currently gripped in an ever-escalating Civil War. I speak to you because we have heard your demands to intervene and, as the people's servant, it is my duty to give you the options and facts as we have them.

Sanctaria cannot intervene in this war. We cannot send our troops. It has been judged too dangerous to send in our peacekeepers. We are mandated to be neutral unless directly attacked by our founding document, our basic law - our Constitution. It has kept Sanctaria safe since the foundation of the state and my government is determined to see it continue to prevent the unnecessary loss of Sanctarian life.

But while we want to preserve Sanctarian life, it would be deeply hypocritical of us, and completely antithetical to our ideals, for us to stand by and let innocent civilians, who want no part in a conflict, continue to be mercilessly gunned down. There are no saints in this conflict. Both sides have refused ceasefires.

Leaders on both sides, however, are now dead. Through assassination, subterfuge, or direct warfare, there are new leaders calling the shots.

Enough is enough. Too much death has been dealt. This is not the way of this region. We use diplomacy and discussion to resolve our differences, not murder and conflict. To these new leaders I say this: Sanctaria now openly calls on you, with the world watching, to declare a ceasefire, and to come to the city of Haven here in the Divine Republic for peace talks. Allow Sanctaria's experienced mediators to help you resolve the conflict and save the lives of the people you are fighting to serve.

Sanctaria cannot intervene militarily in this conflict. But we would remind all sides, including other nations involved in coalitions or military support, that we hold substantial debt for many of you. Many of you rely on Sanctarian gas and oil. You rely on investment from Sanctarian companies. You take advantage of our liberal tax laws.

Unless a cease-fire is called, we will take steps to change that. We will begin expelling diplomats. We will call in our debts to be re-payed. We will freeze the assets of your nationals in our country. We will turn off the pipelines.

The fighting and the needless death of innocents has to stop. The war has begun to threaten the International Democratic Union as a whole, as we, along with other stalwart nations such as Sciongrad, Grosseschnauzers, and Bears Armed, are no longer going to stand by and allow our region to destabilise.

Sanctaria has a venue, has mediators, and has logistics already in place. All the leaders on all sides of this civil war have to do is call a ceasefire and reach out to us to begin negotiations.

To the people of Sanctaria. I am sorry you have thought us to be uncaring towards to tragedies and atrocities being committed in Lauchenoirian region. We cannot intervene militarily, but we will take steps to ensure no more life is lost.

Thank you, and good night."

She blinked casually until the red pilot light has gone off. Chatter had begun again. Her aides gave her the thumbs up. Hendry simply pushed herself away from the desk and out of her chair and walked into her private office. She would make good on her promises of economic sanctions if necessary, but she was hopeful negotiations would be taken up. She still had faith.

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Re: Have I Got Coups For You

Post by Libertas Omnium Maximus » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:46 am

DIS headquarters, Littudinem
August 9th - Early Morning

Jí¸nes was siting across from the head Internal Security, A. Wallace. He had spent the past hour and a half explaining why he believed the Kerlians were involved with the assassination attempt on president Brown. Wallace was dubious.

"So, I am led to believe that the Kerlians hired and or persuaded the SUBJECT to commit the attack, based on the fact that the van that may have been rented to a Kerlian Seargant, who may have aided the subject in his escape, who may be the man we are looking for?"

"Yes sir!" Jí¸nes responded enthusiastically. "I ran the security footage through our database and that woman was certainly the Kerlian Seargeant, Melany Chevoux! I just know it."

"Jones, do you have any Idea how serious this accusation is?"

"Yes sir, very serious, sir."

"Honestly, I suspected those bastards from the start. But I'm not the one who has to be convinced. You need to convince the president. It was an attack on him, not me. Besides we are already at war with Kerlile, there isn't much more that I can do to solve the problem. What you need to do is convince the president or secretary of state to make an appeal to the Kerlians to hand him over if they have him, and tell us his whereabouts if they don't."

"Sir, I agree, but there is just one thing. They don't have to tell us anything. Not until we put their heads of state on trial after this war is over if we win. I think that our best bet would be to get that woman, Chevoux. We will never catch the subject, but we might catch her. Let's tell our troops to look out for her in case she is now deployed in Lauchenioria."

"I like where your head is!" Wallace exclaimed before opening his box of cigars. Very expensive cigars.

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