Regional Security Act

The written law of the International Democratic Union.
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Regional Security Act

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Regional Security Act
A bylaw to regulate the use of Executive Powers in The International Democratic Union
This IDU States Assembly,

Grateful that the members of The International Democratic Union (hereinafter “IDU”) who have the ability to eject/ban other members of the IDU are some of most well respected and upstanding members of the community.

Believing that it directly counters the founding principles of this region that said members would posses the unchecked ability to eject any member of the IDU for any reason deemed arbitrarily to be a "security threat."

Noting that there is no regional definition of what a security threat is or looks like and therefore the members of The IDU with Founder privileges may and must interpret "security threats" as they see fit.

Acknowledging that, although unlikely, a regional raid is a distinct possibility and a severe threat to the IDU as a region. As such, it would be unwise to prohibit founder privilege nations to use their executive function in times of actual time-sensitive crisis.

With that said, hereby resolves the following

§1 Ejection Protocol

1. Defines Executive Powers as the ability to eject/ban users from the region and suppress the posts of another user

2. Defines "Founder Privileges" as the individual users who have access to the Founder Nation, "The IDU"

3. All members of the IDU with Executive Powers must do the following in the event that they see fit to eject a member for breaching regional policy:

a. Formally declare their target and rationale for ejection on The IDU's Regional Message Board

b. Contact another member of the IDU who holds Executive Powers and gain their explicit consent to eject the member. This consent should be expressed publicly on the RMB or other public method such as the IDU official discord chat.

4. In the event that a user with founder privileges uses the founder nation to nominate a user for ejection, they must disclose which user they are.

5. In the event that two or more nations with Executive Powers agree to the ejection of the target, herein referred to as "the defendant,” this assembly shall grant the defendant these following rights:

a. A minimum of 24 hours to voluntarily leave the region

b. A chance on to defend their actions or statements on a public chat such as the RMB or a specifically designated appeals channel/forum on either the IDU Forums or Discord.

c. All nations with Executive Powers should take the merits of the defendant's argument into account and, should they prove valid, reverse their decision to eject.

§2 Ejections of Regional Officials

1. Defines "Elected Official" as a user who's nation holds an regional role that they were elected to

2. No Elected Official may be ejected or removed from position without an IDU Judiciary Committee hearing. In the event they are found to have breached regional policy, the defendant may be removed from office or ejected from the region by any user with eject/ban capabilities at the Committee’s discretion.

§3 Raid/Raiding Provision

1. Herby defines the following,

a. A “Raid” as: The event in which a group of non-region native nations/users rapidly join the region with the intent of quickly electing a member of their group to the position of delegate via endorsements and harming the IDU.

b. A “Raider” as: Any user or nation taking part in the raid

2. In the event of a raid from an outside entity, it is the duty of those individuals granted Executive Powers to use every ability at their disposal to avert a crisis. In the event of a raid:

a. Article I of this bill is suspended for the duration of the raid

b. Any and all nations with executive powers have the right to eject, ban, and suppress the Message Board post(s) of any members they deem to be part of the raid

c. If a non-democratically instated Delegate should take power, they are exempt from Article II and may be banned/ejected.

c. After the invariable conclusion of the raid, when all raiders have been ejected or have left, Article I shall take effect again

§4 Other Provisions and Exemptions

1. Users with Executive Powers may eject any member from the region during the Z-day Event for breaching the Anti-Zombie Policy so long as the following requirements are fulfilled:

a. Members of the region have been reminded of the Anti-Zombie Policy by messages on the Regional Message Board and given ample opportunity to correct of their actions

b. Is not the delegate

2. Upon the conclusion of Z-Day Event. The user in question shall be unbanned (if applicable) and formally invited to rejoin the region with all due cordiality.[