A Coalition For Vulkaria

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Re: A Coalition For Vulkaria

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Outside Masenma, Vulkaria
January 19th, 2020, 8:48 PM

Squad Commander Mathias Vetry sat in the troop transport, basking in the silence of his Squad. It seems it was always like this before a battle. There was an air of anticipation, not quite nervous, but resolute. Vetry had already seen action before Vulkaria, having fought in a guerilla squad in the Eirian Civil War. He joined with bravado, expecting gallant fame and glory. He soon realized the truth. His squad was hit with an ambush, and half of his guerilla squad died brutally. He still fought to the end, though, and joined after the war, to protect that freedom his friends died to save. He was assigned to squad NR-126, stationed outside New Riga, where he help introduce his squad to the military lifestyle.

The rest of his squad either had their eyes closed or were fidgeting with their packs mindlessly. Vetry’s Lieutenant commander, Iris Mera, sat beside him, fidgeting with her pack. She was very perceptive, seeing what none of them saw and saving them on more than one occasion. Next to her was Emily Talenras-Sentrag, the Tervalì sharpshooter, and Paul Jameson, the army Medic assigned to them. Privates David, Lira, Alex, Cameron, Colin, and Blake sat across from them, empty guns in their laps. The truck shook as they traversed off-road to Masenma, as a helicopter flew overhead. Those who got to take the helicopters are so lucky. They have less chance to get whiplash. He thought, as the truck halted and the back doors were opened by a private. “Voūs Avet Airavet!” The private stated to Vetry in Eirian. You Have arrived. “Merceds, Private. Direct me to your CO”.

As soon as he said that, a man with Two and a half Four-sided stars on his uniform walked up to the Squad. All of them jumped into saluted, which the man dismissed with a nod. “Assigned battalion?”. The Colonel asked. Vetry answered quickly. “Theta Battalion, sir". The Colonel pointed to a hill about two hundred feet away. "You will charge from that hill. Your group is charged with destroying the guard station on the outskirts of the city". He brought out a package of grenades. "Give these to those with the best aim, and light up the camp when you get the signal, which is the runner carrying a red flag. After the camp, advance as far as you can into the city".

Very nodded, saluting again. "Yes sir. Thank you sir". He led his squad to the hill, where they crouched in the shrubbery. The insurgent station was dead ahead, a group of guards with rifled were scanning the area with binoculars. Very waited and waited, silently counting the seconds, until he saw the red flag wave from behind the hill. He gestured to his squad.

Lira, Cameron, and Colin took the pin out of the grenades and threw them, destroying the guard station and killing all but a couple of guards. The remaining guards were quickly taken out by Vetry and Emily, and the group advanced, using buildings as cover as a couple of other squads joined them. A group of insurgents had heard the explosion and were firing at the group from behind a delivery vehicle. "Aim at the vehicle! If you hit the gas tank, we can get it to explode!". Vetry shouted in Eirian, and a few shots later, the van erupted in a ball of flame, killing the MLF fighters as the Eirians dove for cover from the flying metal. They quickly moved around the flaming wreckage, clearing a few blocks and securing building after building, being careful of civilians.

A few blocks later, the squad exited an apartment building after clearing the resistance stationed there. Vetry was feeling good about this Battle. Only one of his squad members had been injured(Alex), and he was back at the field hospital. They scouted the street, and were moving to the next block, when Iris dove into Vetry, shouting "Get Down!". A few shots rang out, one hitting right where Vetry was standing, and another hitting Cameron in the head, killing him instantly. Iris, Emily, and Vetry were firing at the roof where the shot came from, and managed to hit the shooter. The squad looked at the body of their fallen comrade, and Vetry felt a surge of remorse. Not Now. We will grieve later. We must fight. He thought, trying to ignore the growing numbness of grief.

For the rest of the fight, the squad fought ruthlessly, channeling their emotion into fighting, for Cameron. Lira was grazed by a stray bullet in the leg, but was patched up by the Medic and continued to fight, wincing occasionally. When they were finally relieved of duty, the ride back was silent, and most of them had their head in their hands. Cameron's death served as a grim reminder that war is hell. He was one of the seventy-nine Eirian soldiers that died in Masenma when the Battle was won. It left Vetry to wonder: was it worth the cost?

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