The Europeian Wire: Edition One 22/01/20

Updates and diplomacy with the region of Europeia
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The Europeian Wire: Edition One 22/01/20

Post by Maowi » Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:46 pm

The Europeian Wire: Edition One

Recruiting Contest Underway: Will HEM finally succeed at something?

By Sopo

Minister of Interior Rand announced a new 1v1 recruiting contest on January 5 to kick off the new year. With 12 initial participants including First Minister Calvin Coolidge and Chief of State HEM, one question remains: will HEM finally succeed at something? The Europeian founder and general meme-ified punching bag is thus far facing tough competition from his first week’s foe, Rachael. All eyes are on HEM to see if he can finally manage not to screw things up the way he screwed up our miraculously enduring 13-year old region.

The City-State of Arnhelm

By Prim

Over the past few months, Europeia has been working on its newest addition to the legislative arena, the City-State of Arnhelm. This new independent legislative body is a mix of legislative training ground and Real-Life political simulation. Every citizen of Europeia who joins the City Council can discuss real-life legislation, vote on bills and ordinances, propose a budget, elect the mayor, or even become the city manager through crafty legislative maneuvering. Arnhelm is open for creative role-players and serious policy wonks alike!

Invading Iran: Living the Trumpian Dream

By Sopo

Supporting our allies in The North Pacific, Europeia is proud to be engaged in a hold of Iran, liberated region and generally non-controversial vacation spot. While real-world drama surrounds the region’s namesake, Europeian sailors are enjoying their stay. This marks the second hold operation for Europeia since Chief of State HEM and Grand Admiral Bowzin took office, with Iran following a successful week-long Europeia-led hold of North Ustaynga.

A Yule Ball Yule Be Sad Yule Missed

By Xecrio/Nate

Europeians brought out the festivity in the weeks surrounding Christmas with the launch of the Yule Ball. A successor event to perhaps Europeia’s most successful festival of all time in 2014, Christmas again merged with Harry Potter, a favorite Europeian theme. Citizens spent time in their Hogwarts houses while playing a variety of festive games to truly get them in the Christmas mood. Hogwarts House Spam Points dominated the spam games, with Ravenclaw wiping the floor with the competition. After perhaps a bit too much holiday cheer, some people simply refused to leave the server…

Read the full event recap from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation here.

Best of the EBC

  • Former Minister of Communications Istillian explores returning to Europeia after a hiatus.
  • Attorney General Prim examines the concept of Mens Rea after the conclusion of Europeia v. Bri Shakespeare.
  • First Minister Calvin Coolidge summarizes the importance of Europeia’s radio efforts.
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