Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown (Cape Auria)

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Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown (Cape Auria)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:39 am

Queen's Study, Aurus Palace, Lumière, Cape Auria
8:53 PM

Queen Sophie Laurent of Cape Auria rested in her study, reading a book in the light of her desk lamp. The moonlight peered in the window, bathing the Queen in a silver glow. She marked her page and closed her book, looking longingly out the window, into the big city that was Lumière. I wish I could go out there without a personal security detail. She thought, tracing her finger lightly across the glass. I miss being myself.

It hadn't always been that way for Sophie. She was born to a middle-class family in the suburbs of Lumière, and had worked hard to put herself through college, where she was studying Computer Engineering. There, at Dewarà College, she met Nicholas Laurent III, or Nick Lee, as he went by then. He looked different from the prince everyone saw, and no one ever thought he was the heir to the Laurent Throne. Hell, he had only told Sophie when he proposed to her.

She lived comfortably for a while as a princess, had four kids with Nicholas, and became queen when his mother, Thea, gave the family powers to him five years ago. But he wasn't in control for long. A few years after being crowned King, Nicholas Laurent III got into a car accident after a charity benefit and was put into a coma. Sophie survived, but has several long scars down her arms and back.

Now, watching the streetlights of Lumière glow with life, she felt so lost. Like she's been surviving, but not living. My Dear Nicholas. I so wish you were here. She blinked teary eyes, and moved over to her desk, where her crown glowed with the moonlight. It was silver, and bejeweled with Deep Purple and Blue Alexandrite gems. She gingerly lifted it to her head, and looked at her reflection in the window. It may fool the public, but she cannot fool herself. She was never meant to be a queen. And she may be the only one in Cape Auria who knows that Heavy is the Head that wears the crown.

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