Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown (Cape Auria)

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Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown (Cape Auria)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:39 am

Queen's Study, Aurus Palace, Lumière, Cape Auria
8:53 PM

Queen Sophie Laurent of Cape Auria rested in her study, reading a book in the light of her desk lamp. The moonlight peered in the window, bathing the Queen in a silver glow. She marked her page and closed her book, looking longingly out the window, into the big city that was Lumière. I wish I could go out there without a personal security detail. She thought, tracing her finger lightly across the glass. I miss being myself.

It hadn't always been that way for Sophie. She was born to a middle-class family in the suburbs of Lumière, and had worked hard to put herself through college, where she was studying Computer Engineering. There, at Dewarà College, she met Nicholas Laurent III, or Nick Lee, as he went by then. He looked different from the prince everyone saw, and no one ever thought he was the heir to the Laurent Throne. Hell, he had only told Sophie when he proposed to her.

She lived comfortably for a while as a princess, had four kids with Nicholas, and became queen when his mother, Thea, gave the family powers to him five years ago. But he wasn't in control for long. A few years after being crowned King, Nicholas Laurent III got into a car accident after a charity benefit and was put into a coma. Sophie survived, but has several long scars down her arms and back.

Now, watching the streetlights of Lumière glow with life, she felt so lost. Like she's been surviving, but not living. My Dear Nicholas. I so wish you were here. She blinked teary eyes, and moved over to her desk, where her crown glowed with the moonlight. It was silver, and bejeweled with Deep Purple and Blue Alexandrite gems. She gingerly lifted it to her head, and looked at her reflection in the window. It may fool the public, but she cannot fool herself. She was never meant to be a queen. And she may be the only one in Cape Auria who knows that Heavy is the Head that wears the crown.

Democratic Republic Of Eiria
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Re: Heavy is the Head that wears the Crown (Cape Auria)

Post by Democratic Republic Of Eiria » Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:27 pm

Masterial Chambers, Legislature Building, Lumière, Cape Auria

Baroness Kara Velasé watched the Lord Master give his speech, hands fidgeting in her hair. Aurelius Senya, clothed in a full silk suit and Senya House color tie, was giving one of his passionate, yet volitle speeches. It's a miracle he got elected at all, She thought, tapping her pen on the table anxiously. with his loose cannon of a mouth. Senya was on her side politically, and was a genius debater, but had an infamous temper. She prayed they could get him off stage before it ignited.

On the other side of the Chamber, in the Royal box, Queen Sophie was wishing for the same thing Velasé was wishing for. Her thick dress was getting constricting and uncomfortable, and her anxiety of Senya messing stuff up was certainly not helping. All these years, and I've never gotten used to these bloody thick dresses. Why can't I wear the silk ones for just a single day?

"And Next, I want to thank the Opposition party, for not only their unwavering competition, but their desire to always make things interesting". A bout of nervous laughter rang from the crowd, and Sophie winced. His manner was teetering on the border, and was dangerously close to hostility. She quickly signed to Senya in Aurian Sign Language, something they both had learned to communicate in case they were too far apart to talk. Senya quickly ended his speech and the queen breathed a sigh of relief.

Royal Office, Floor Three, Legislature Building

Sophie sat in her office, the soft notes of Hiralī's Third Symphony flowing through the room from the speaker in the desk. She had changed into normal clothes, and was enjoying the peace of solitude. The old oak desk in front of her served generation after generation of Laurent Monarchs before, and had been restored many, many times. She ran her hand along the side aimlessly, admiring the fine craftsmanship. When she ran her hand between the drawers, her hand grazed an indent, and there was a soft click. A hidden drawer shot open, full of old files, with the royal seal on them.

She picked up the files. Most of them were old files and contingency plans, all with her mother-in-law's signature on them. While she was browsing, a file near the bottom caught her eye. It was a stiff manila envelope, already opened, simply marked "Sophie". What the hell?! She poured the contents on the table, gasping at the old photos that slid across the table. They were old photos of her and Nicholas, before they were married. Someone had been watching them on all of their dates, snooping from the shadows. They were dated 1996-1997, a couple years before they were married. She searched through the papers more frantically, stopping while coming to a letter on top of a small folder.

Dear Queen Theodosia,
My investigation of Sophie Nelson has been decently fruitful, though not in the way you'd expect. She has no criminal record, has an impeccable academic record, and is holding a stable job.

However, I was able to find one thing that could be possibly detrimental to Sophie's reputation. This took weeks of digging, and was the subject of a vast cover-up. Enclosed is the evidence of a scandal between Sophie Nelson and Scott Lautrec, heir to Lautrec Technologies and Industry Corporation. Use it for what you wish.

Thank you for your business, Your Majesty.
David Warner, Private Investigator

Sophie dropped the letter, head spinning. The former queen hired a private investigator to research her? And that Investigator dug up a piece of her past? The name Scott Lautrec stood out on the page, in bold. She had never wanted to hear that name again. That man, that creature, does not deserve the satisfaction of her acknowledgement.

As she was putting the files back into the drawer, a knock sounded from the other side of the door. She quickly closed the secret drawer. "Come in!".

Baroness Kara Velasé entered the royal office, already changed into casual clothes as well. Sophie's mood lightened when she saw who it was. Kara had helped her adjust to royal life, and had become her best Noble friend. "Hey. How's Vincent?". Sophie asked, trying to look content.

Kara Shrugged "He's fine. Also, after the averted conflict of this morning, I think we should celebrate". She pulled out a bottle of Besae from her coat. Kara's family had run major berry fields in the north for generations, and had been making Besae, a sweet berry liquor, for just as long. Kara was known to share a bottle with the queen on special occasions.

As she poured the Besae, she noticed that the queen seemed unusually quiet and resigned. "What is it, Sophie? You seem quieter than usual".
She sighed. "Well, I was looking through the royal archives, and I found some…. Interesting papers. Turns out my mother-in-law hired a Private Investigator to dig up anything negative about me".

Kara blinked, surprised. "Wow. It probably was a waste of money. You were a valedictorian, not a criminal, and a prodigy. They likely found nothing, right?". When her friend didn't answer, she put down her glass. "Oh. Sophie, why didn't you tell me?".

"I never told anyone. It was so long ago, and it wasn't worth telling anyone. Plus I didn't do anything wrong. And you know what those tabloid papers would do if a royal scandal was brought to light". Kara nodded. "Unfortunately, yes". They sat in silence for a few moments, and Sophie continued.

"I was nineteen. My friends and I went to a party at one of the popular restaurants downtown that had just opened. We were seated at a table with a famous heir to an influential company, named Scott Lautrec".

Kara raised her eyebrows. "Scott Lautrec? The heir to Lautrec CyberTech?". Sophie nodded. "My friends were so excited, and were flirting with him relentlessly. He was more interested in me, however, even though I showed no interest back. He was too cocky, too arrogant".

"Apparently, he eventually got fed up with my rejections. I learned later on that he put a drug in my drink. My friends thought I was having fun, and he took me home with him". Sophie's voice revealed a cold hatred. "I got pregnant, and when I gave birth, I named him Christopher". She teared up. "They forced me to give him up. They swept everything under the rug, and I couldn't do anything about it". The tears streamed down her cheeks. "My one regret in life is giving him up".

Kara stood and went to comfort her friend. "Oh my God, Soph. I didn't know. And it's not your fault. You had no choice". Sophie took deep breaths, calming down. "Have you ever tried to get in touch with him?".

She shook her head. "What would I say? 'Oh, hi, I'm your long lost mother who was never there for you'? It would just cause more pain. And I wouldn't even know how to find him". She stood up, and looked out the window. Christopher, If you're out there, I'm so sorry.

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