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Iskirami Chronicle

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Iskirami Chronicle
Through Tradition Comes Strength
20th Anniversary of the Decimation Comes to Pass

Candles and trinkets decorated shrines to the dead today as men and women of the Sultanate remembered those lost in the Nuclear Decimation. On this day, 156 thousand people had their vessels annihilated when the Old Coalition detonated a nuclear bomb in the great city of Foujil. The muharib of the Royal Army honored their 32,000 dead today when a mass ceremony was held by priests of Oze’uis, as they attempted to pacify the turbulent spirits of the dead tormenting the souls of veteran warriors.

After the end of the Unification Wars and the eradication of the Houses that lead the Old Coalition, Sultan Ahmad III declared that February 3rd would be “remembered in history as the Day of Martyrdom.” Although Sultan Ahmad III continues to be in a state of incapability and is being treated by multiple skilled apothecaries, Lord Regent Uzida has seen fit to organize a remembrance of the fallen in Sahiyat, where great stone monoliths are to be engraved with the names of the dead.

The Academy of Natural Philosophy has yet to declare Foujil fit for rehabilitation, citing the fact that “atomic affliction” still lingers in the ruins and has taken ahold of many who enter the boundaries of the city. The Akhaniite Order and the Fruits of the Vine are currently the largest groups that hold expeditions to these ruins, in order to lay the dead to rest and plant holy vegetation in the city.

Watch Reports Flame-Worshippers in Slums

City Watchmen in the city of Halarus have reported a recent uptake in flame-worshippers present in their exile slums, to the alarm of many. During an interview by Chronicle transcribers, the Watch stated that they found multiple pamphlets in the homes of multiple manafaa during a cleansing, that declared that the world was soon to end in a nuclear war and doom our race to a cycle of suffering The Organization of the Prophet of the Flame, denounced by the Oze’uis Church to be a doomsday cult led by a madman, has increased its efforts in proselytizing those exiled from their House, presumably due to the fact that only exiles would stoop so low to join their movement.

In response to this, the Akhaniite Order sect in Halarus has declared that they would root out this heresy as soon as the Order of Divination declared it advantageous. Although some state fears that the so-called “Reavers of the Purifying Flame” would be present in Halarus, the Steel Mask interviewed stated that “their ramshackle weaponry and cloth robes would do little against the sword and armor of our faith.”

Lord Naim VI to Duel Pretender

Lord Naim VI of Khasireb has publicly arranged a duel between himself and a pretender to his claim, declaring it a “matter of honor” after he was slandered. Lord Tufail Ibn-Faisal Amer claims that Lord Naim Ibn-Naim Usman the Fourth’s claim to the beylik of Meqshabis is illegitimate and rightfully his own, being de jure a title of House Amer.

Due to conflicting records in the Royal Archives on the beylik of Meqshabis, Lord Amer and Lord Naim IV have both agreed to duel to first blood for the title, to be held two days from now in at the banks of the River Thueban. The River Thueban has been commonly used as a field of honor throughout the ages, at least since the start of the Sharaf Sultanate. Lord Amer, age 57, is the founder of the Eternal Lion Dueling Guild and active in multiple fencing leagues.

“Respect and honor the enemy until they prove themselves undeserving of it, and in all cases prove that your cause is righteous and that you are the better man.” - Lord Arkaan II, Treatise on Iskirami Honor

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